Our Mission and Vision

We are One Family with One God.



 The All FaithCenter, whose doors are open to all, provides a multi-faith sacred place to come for worship, dialogue and learning. We are here to honor all faith paths, celebrate humanity’s oneness, to educate the public about the world’s religions and to sow the seeds of peace,  kindness and cooperation throughout the world.



We see The  Interfaith Center San Diego County as a role model facility and a place where individual & Interfaith Worship can occur. This will be a unique facility which honors all faiths from the early indigenous cultures up to the more receipt faith traditions.  It will also serve as a small art gallery of interfaith works.We see it being buffered on one side by a two story 1,000 seat auditorium which can be used for major Interfaith events as well as special guest speakers who come to the San Diego Area. We see it buffered on the other side by a vegetarian restaurant and catering facility with meeting rooms below

It will be a resource and educational facility offering world religion classes, guest speakers, community workshops, creative arts (youth and adults)  and cultural events, discussions, panels and dialogues on issues from each faith’s perspective. It would have a library, high tech media center and book store. All interfaith groups and organizations are welcome to use this space for meetings and events. Wholistic, healing, yoga, tai chi and other spiritual groups would share and help support this space.

The outside would have vegetable gardens, a flower meditation garden to walk through and a gazebo to sit in. There would be a labyrinth, playground, and courts for youth sports.  .



Do you have a VISION similar to ours?   If so, CONTACT US and let us work together to make this a REALITY!  Please contact: Rev. Dr. Abigail or Rev. Dr. Steve Albert at 858-487-8885 or email: revsteve.afc@outlook.com or revabigail.afc@outlook.com  at  and check out the rest of this website:



What Is Interfaith?

desert-flame-with-interfaith-votivesThe Interfaith movement is dedicated to increasing the dialogue between people of all faiths so as to bring a heightened awareness of how similar people are to others from different faiths and to increase the trust between people and create a greater peace in the world. We are here to honor all faith paths, celebrate humanity’s oneness, to educate the public about the world’s religions and to sow the seeds of peace, kindness and cooperation throughout the world. The All Faith Center whose doors are open to all, has previously provided a multi-faith sacred place to come for worship, dialogue and learning. It is now searching for a physical location in the San Diego region to create a 7-day a week environment where people from various faiths can meet for a variety of worship services, classes and casual dialogue. Interfaith centers throughout the world believe: There is one God, called by many names, the Spirit of which is in every person and we are all interconnected with each other. We accept all people as equal who treat all people as equal. We respect the sanctity of all life. We affirm the truth in all faiths and religious paths and learn from each. We affirm our belief that seeking attunement to God/Spirit is the highest goal of conscious living. We affirm an inclusive vision of “We.” We affirm the essential goodness of the human being. We affirm that each person, indeed all life, is a part of the healing of the world. We affirm the value of Interfaith interactions as enriching our awareness of God/Spirit in the world.

Benefits of Interfaith Relationships

Birds of a Feather Flock Together Video Series continues on the Discussion Page. Just click “Videos.”  



In striving to recognize the primacy of Fire and Light,
I feel kinship with my Zoroastrian brothers and sisters.

In striving to obey the Ten Commandments,
I feel kinship with my Jewish brothers and sisters.

In striving to be kind to neighbors and the needy,
I feel kinship with my Christian brothers and sisters.

In striving to be compassionate to creatures great and small,
I feel kinship with my BuddhistJain brothers and sisters.
In striving to surrender myself completely to God Almighty,
I feel kinship with my Muslim brothers and sisters.

In the recognition that wisdom flows from enlightened masters,
I feel kinship with my Sikh brothers and sisters.

In remembering that serving people should be the goal of religion,
I feel kinship with my Bahá’í brothers and sisters.

In knowing the power of our mind and heart to create our life,
I feel kinship with my New Thought brothers and sisters.
In my respect and reverence for Nature that sustains us,
I feel kinship with my Native American brothers and sisters.

In feeling that these and more are all paths to the same Divinity,
I feel kinship with my Hindu brothers and sisters.

In my love and laughter, joy and pain,
I feel kinship with all my fellow humans.

In my need for nourishment and instinct to live on,
I feel kinship with all beings on the planet.
In my spiritual ecstasy with this wondrous world,
I feel kinship with the Cosmic Whole.

Inspired by the Parliament of World Religions
Composed by Dr. V. V. Raman at The Cape of Good Hope, SA, 1999
New Thought Kinship composed by Rev. Dr. Abigail & Rev. Dr. Steve Albert 2010


2 Labyrinth with Arch

All Faith Center Labyrinth




5 thoughts on “Our Mission and Vision

  1. I just recently learned about your interfaith work and ministries. I hope many positives came from the NAIN conference. I was unable to attend. I want to say that my daughter, Lauren, is Dean of the Interfaith Chaplaincy Institute, a Seminary and Community in Berkeley, http://chaplaincyinstitute.org/. You may be aware of it, I don’t know. A number of alums are in this area. Lauren will be in San Diego for a short visit with Juanita and me at the end of September. Perhaps we might figure out a way to meet one another at that time.

    I would love to copy this and share it with my friends/Board/Ministers here at
    the Church of Truth, Center for Awakening Consciousness here in Pasadena
    if I may.

    Gary Mortimer
    Office Administrator
    Church of Truth

  3. This is beautiful. I send my Love and affirmative prayer knowing your vision is already done – the manifestation to come. I endeavor to create the same type of center in New York City.

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