My Mental Equivalent

“The Law is Infinite and Perfect but in order to make a demonstration
-Ernest Holmes

Dear Friends,
I have been thinking a lot about how Steve and I ended up co-chairing and planning this amazing NAIN conference.  In a morning reflection, my thoughts went back to an old Vision Board I created maybe 10 years ago. I remembered the photos and my declared words on the board said “I Am an Event Planner.”  At the time I thought we would have an Interfaith Center where I would plan events for it. The Center itself has not manifested YET, however my “Event Planner”Vision certainly has!  Who would have thought we would be hosting this conference with over 240 people involved (attendees and presenters) !  Not only was this idea on my Vision board, it was also a Vision in Steve’s mind as well. In fact he tried to bring people together about 8 years ago to hold an interfaith conference.  Didn’t happen then.
So why NOW?
According to Ernest Holmes, we now have the ‘Mental Equivalent’ for it!    I have worked on ANTN conference committees and chaired one of them. I also have planned many Poway Interfaith Team events throughout the years.  Steve created several conferences in his past for the Future Society and Architectural and Engineering groups.   It took a number of  years to manifest, however here we are doing this 5 day conference.  Needless to say it is a stretch and  a challenge on all levels for us.  One of the past NAIN Presidents said to us, ” Creating a NAIN conference is not for the feint of heart.”    Well, we stepped into the role, and relied on God all the way.  This project is far greater than we had ever imagined.  In fact what we imagined in the beginning is not what is happening now.  God closed some doors and opened others.
When the conference is over and we can look back and say,
“This was a tremendous success!
Thank you God for the opportunity to serve You in this way!”
This will be one of those:
“Glad we did it, and choose not to do it again!”

I Dissolve in God

“As God’s beloved, I live in bliss knowing that my soul is never separated from Him, for I learn to know Him in all that I see.  God dissolved my mind, my separation.  I cannot describe now my intimacy with Him.”    – St. Teresa of Avila

Dear Friends,
In my morning prayer/meditation time I read the above quote from the Science of Mind magazine and was deeply touched by the  phrase,
“God dissolved my mind, my separation…’
As I read this, I realized that is what I want in my heart and in my mind. I want to dissolve any idea of separation from God or anything that appears in my life.
The other day, a person, who is a colleague friend, said something that really pushed my buttons.  It was as if he was “dissing” all the work Steve and I are putting into making the NAIN Conference successful.
He has not supported or contributed in any way and wanted us to put our attention to other interfaith activities and events we have sponsored in the past.  It came as a shock, and at the time we really didn’t know what to say.  The next day both Steve and I wrote a letter sharing our feelings with him. We  both were affected by his comments and needed to share  how he made us feel.  When he receives the letter, it will be a test of friendship to disagree and move on and continue to be friends.
I felt so separated  and isolated from this gentleman when he made his comments.  I felt the anger put up my arm as an  invisible barrier between us. In meditation, after reading. St. Teresa’s quote “God dissolved my mind, my separation….” I realized this man has a deep love for our traditional interfaith events, and how he has missed it and possibly felt the loss.  In my new perspective and  understanding I saw the situation from his point of view, I felt myself dissolve into God. I dissolved any irritation, and the push back of emotions.  I was opening my heart and dissolving the barriers of my mind.  I am and never have been separated from God or anyone else, for ALL is God.  When my mind separates from one, it separates from All.
I live in bliss knowing that my soul is never separated from Him For I learn to know Him in All I See….
Today, I dissolve into God.  I see God in my colleague.  I see my Oneness in, as and of God in all forms (people, animals, nature, and challenges).     And so it is. Amen
Dissolving in God,

Say YES to Your Creative Urge

There is a pattern of YOU in the invisible. You are one with, as and of the Creative Genius. You are as much a part of IT as the sun the earth and the air.
“Every man is a doorway through which the Infinite passes into the finite, through which God becomes man, through which the universal becomes the individual.”  -Emerson.
Everyone has the GOD Given potential within.
Our True Identity is God/Spirit. We have come to earth to rediscover and uncover this sense of God Awareness. The Divine Light within YOU, can never be dimmed or desecrated. The Divine Light is WHO YOU ARE and is constantly seeking expression in and through you!
Surrendering to GOD allows God to bring forth your Creative Potential!
5 Steps to Creating!
1. It takes an INTERMISSION to Find a Creative Mission.
Sometimes we just need to STOP what we are doing. Take the time to be quiet, listen to that still small voice, our intuitive spirit, the Indwelling God to hear a new idea, a better way.
2. Honor your Crazy Love.  What is it you love to do?? DO IT!!
Even if it brings you joy for the moment. What you love has energy and propels you into new experiences, insights and abilities.  Your time on earth is valuable and just  a parenthesis in our eternal life.   How are you going to spend the valuable time  you have on earth?
3.  Trade in Your Label for a Ticket to Go Anywhere!!!
Say YES to any desire ( of the Father), hope or divine invitation and/or adventure.There are no limitations in God. Trust God, not man.
Our culture demands definition, but our SOUL CRAVES Expression!
Where you start is not where you may end up.  Enjoy the ride!
4. STOP abusing and start NURTURING yourself
Talk to yourself with loving, kind, compassionate words. Every atom, cell, molecule and organ hears your thoughts and feelings.  Love and Bless your body daily.
“Everything you give this world will come from everything you give yourself.” Tama Kieves
5. Just Start DANCING and the BAND will FIND YOU!!
Step into the unknown. Create a NEW path by doing what YOU Love to do. You are unique. What you love is your Gift to the world!
Your Divine Assignment is Living the Life You Love!
Say YES to Your Creative Urge!!!
Saying YES and Lovin’ IT!


Happy 4th of July!  Every year we celebrate this day and what it means to us as a nation, a culture, a faith community, a family and ourselves. I am grateful to our Forefathers who had the God Inspired Idea to create the Declaration of Independence and move forward in designing a nation that STATES, and DECLARES FREEDOM for All.
FREEDOM in this country, the United States of America,  means we have the inherent right to choose our destiny.  I am so happy to know we have the Divine Right to be who we want to be and live in a country, despite its flaws, where we can do that.   Yes, we have flaws, just like every other country and person in the world. We are all on this earth journey doing the best we can, with the consciousness we have.
Today, let us state and declare our own FREEDOM to choose. In order to do that we have to know clearly what we want! Instead of bemoaning a challenge, or difficulty, let us re-think the situation and turn it around to benefit us.  Victor Frankel, who endured the death camps of Nazi Germany said,
“Between stimulus and response, there is a space.
In that SPACE is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
(July Science of Mind Magazine, Kenn Gordon article)
What is your challenge today?      What would be your normal response?
What is the SPACE In Between?
Declare Your Freedom!!
Health                                SPACE In-Between
I am God. I am a Divine Emanation of Spirit. The Mighty I AM within me has never been harmed, marred, scarred or injured.
I AM the embodiment of HEALTH and WHOLENESS. I am FREE.
Relationship                  SPACE In-Between
God is LOVE in me.  God is LOVE in this person.  The God in me Loves the God in this person.  I recognize the goodness in me and the goodness in this person.  I release this person to be who he or she is meant to be and I release ME to be who I am meant to be! I am FREE.
Work                                 SPACE In-Between
I work honestly, intelligently and creatively to the best of my abilities.
I stand up for what is right and true. What others say about me, does not affect me. I am God being God at work.  I do what I love and I love what I do.  I state and allow the Universal Mind to create what is in my heart and move me to where I belong.  I am FREE.
Prosperity/Success             SPACE In-Between
I choose to stay in integrity and remain transparent.  I lift others up. I help to provide opportunities for others to succeed. I know  the Law of Circulation provides and blesses me.  I serve in a spirit of love.
I am FREE.
Story: A woman comes out of her house and sees three elderly men sitting on her porch. She invites them in, thinking they are hungry. They say  they cannot go into the house together. She asks them why and they say, “One of us is Wealth, another is Success and the third is Love.”  The woman goes back into the house and discusses with her husband and daughter which one to invite in.  The husband wants to invite Wealth in, the wife wants to invite Success in.  The daughter says, invite LOVE in.  So the wife went out and invited LOVE in.
She was surprised to see all three men come into the house. She asked the men why all three came in.  They said together, “Wherever there is Love, there is also Wealth and Success. We go with him.”
(July Science of Mind Magazine, Rev. Ron Fox article)
What FREEDOM are you stating and declaring today?
Happy 4th of July!

Religion of Love

Dear Friends,
In my morning meditations, I often read from Pathways to Peace: Interreligious Readings and Reflections. It has truth and beauty spoken from many spiritual leaders, teachers, prophets, and gurus.  I read this passage from Muby al-din ibn’Arabi (1165-1240CE) one of Sufism’s greatest teachers. He taught the “Unity of Being and ALL that really exists is utterly ineffable and we are God’s attributes.”
“My heart has opened into every form; it is a pasture for gazelles, a cloister for Christian monks, a temple for idols, the Ka’ba of the pilgrim, the tablets of the Torah
and the book of the Qur’an.
I practice the religion of Love.”
LOVE is within and yet beyond all faith traditions.  It is the GOD GLUE holding all universes and dimensions together.  We know this to be true every time we forgive, every time we reach out to help someone in need, every time we ask for forgiveness.  This incredible feeling of pure peace, joy and love flows through us.  It is God saying YES, that is how I created you to feel.  Love Heals, Love Prospers, Love opens the gates of good flowing in our lives. Love is the link that connects us with all our fellow human beings regardless of faith, culture, race, country, or gender orientation, and our animal friends as well.
As John Lennon  put it, “Why can’t we all just get along?!”
We are created out of the ONE STUFF, material, essence of  God.
We are 99.9% the same.. The  .1% reminds us of our uniqueness  as flowers in the garden.  When we remember our ONENESS we are remembering the LOVE that keeps us alive, well and blessed.
Open your heart wider today and LOVE more deeply, more profoundly for every living and non living thing.  You will feel so good and you will ultimately realize you are LOVING Yourself!