My Mental Equivalent

“The Law is Infinite and Perfect but in order to make a demonstration
-Ernest Holmes

Dear Friends,
I have been thinking a lot about how Steve and I ended up co-chairing and planning this amazing NAIN conference.  In a morning reflection, my thoughts went back to an old Vision Board I created maybe 10 years ago. I remembered the photos and my declared words on the board said “I Am an Event Planner.”  At the time I thought we would have an Interfaith Center where I would plan events for it. The Center itself has not manifested YET, however my “Event Planner”Vision certainly has!  Who would have thought we would be hosting this conference with over 240 people involved (attendees and presenters) !  Not only was this idea on my Vision board, it was also a Vision in Steve’s mind as well. In fact he tried to bring people together about 8 years ago to hold an interfaith conference.  Didn’t happen then.
So why NOW?
According to Ernest Holmes, we now have the ‘Mental Equivalent’ for it!    I have worked on ANTN conference committees and chaired one of them. I also have planned many Poway Interfaith Team events throughout the years.  Steve created several conferences in his past for the Future Society and Architectural and Engineering groups.   It took a number of  years to manifest, however here we are doing this 5 day conference.  Needless to say it is a stretch and  a challenge on all levels for us.  One of the past NAIN Presidents said to us, ” Creating a NAIN conference is not for the feint of heart.”    Well, we stepped into the role, and relied on God all the way.  This project is far greater than we had ever imagined.  In fact what we imagined in the beginning is not what is happening now.  God closed some doors and opened others.
When the conference is over and we can look back and say,
“This was a tremendous success!
Thank you God for the opportunity to serve You in this way!”
This will be one of those:
“Glad we did it, and choose not to do it again!”