Dear Friends,
CHANGE happens!  It is unavoidable and unstoppable.  We can either try to push back or just accept it.  My friend Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber says from her “Blessings of the Day.”
“Shift happens. Change is normal, natural. Nature has order,
and happiness and sorrow come and go. All is in flow, all is in process. “
God is Always in Flow and we are in that flow 24/7.
I know we can be frustrated when our favorite store closes, or the makeup we love has morphed into another style or color.  We can be disappointed  when the brand of anything ( product, clothing, food) no longer is being sold.  We can be upset with a personal move or a company move or when someone in our family moves.  We can be saddened and grief stricken when a loved one (family or friend) passes on.
Change happens. We may not like it, however we cannot stop it. Here is an acronym.
C = Change
H = Happens
A = Always
N  = anD
G = God is
E = Eternal
…And God is Eternal.  To me that is  the most important part of the acronym, because in our New Thought belief system, we are OF GOD so the most important part of us, our Spirit, never changes.  IT always IS.
What is more important than our God Self?  Nothing!
Our God Self is always eternal and moving us forward in our Spiritual Growth and Understanding.  There are some things in  that growth period we will need to release and let go because we cannot take another step on the ladder upwards without releasing our foot on the bottom rung.
Does it really matter in our eternal life whether our favorite store stays open?
We find a new store.
Does it really matter in our eternal life how our makeup morphs?
We do adjust.
Does it really matter in our eternal life whether our favorite brand has disappeared?
We find a replacement.
Does it matter if we move, the company moves or our loved ones move in our eternal life?
We adjust.  We find a new route. We re-organize. We call, text, email, Skype.
This is the hard one….
Does it matter if our loved one passes on in our eternal life?
I can’t say this doesn’t matter in our earthly life,  however I can say, LOVE is eternal and that person’s spirit and heart and love will always be with us.
LOVE, GOD and Eternal LIFE can and will never die.
Even if we cannot see our loved ones who have passed on, we know their spirit is alive and well, young and happy, loved and cared for.
YES, we will miss them, but only for a blink of an eye in our eternal life.
Let us begin to accept CHANGE  as being  a good, and necessary  part of our life experience and spiritual growth.      Step up on that ladder….
Change Happens Always and GoD is Eternal
Changing Daily,