What Is Mine To Do?

Dear Friends,

What is mine to do today? I love asking that question in the morning, surrendering to it, and allowing Spirit to guide me from morning through evening. It is amazing how my to-do list changes during the day. That question can be asked ALL the time in a variety of situations, whether it is first thing in the morning, during a meeting with co-workers, planning an event or even having a life challenge.
In the little booklet I have been reading, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, Rev.Michael Korpan says,
” The difference between victims and heroes in life is simply the nature of their thinking. When a crisis occurs, a victim might get stuck thinking, ‘Oh woe is me.’ A hero might initially feel that way, but soon shifts to thinking, ‘ What is mine to do?’ or even
“I am being called.’ We all have had experiences in our lives that have been difficult and painful. The stories we choose to create about those experiences are what shape our lives and define us.”
God gave us the inherent ability to CHOOSE our thoughts, and our actions. We can always bring in a new perspective to any situation. When there is a crisis or challenge in your life, think about how you would look at it, from another point of view. For example, 4 people standing on 4 different corners watching an accident take place, will have 4 different reactions and views of the same situation. Viewing a crisis from a new perspective gives us the power to make a new and better choice.
Steve had a stoke 14 years ago and he asked the question, “What is mine to do?” He still had to go through the long hours and many months of physical therapy, however since then he has volunteered for 13 years at a hospital helping stroke patients feel hope and a renewed perspective on life. Yes, he was called!
When an answer does not seem possible, write this equation on a 3×5 card: I+XI=X
Not possible? Can’t work?
Now turn the card upside down. X=IX+I
With a new perspective. it does work and it is possible!!!
(Thank you Dan Brown and his book Origins)
What is yours to do today? God will guide you to it and through it. Trust in the power of a new perspective to make a new choice.

New Choosings,