Serve God Serve Others Serve Self

Dear Friends,
I love the quote by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. WE can ALL Serve in some way.
Being in Service, to me, means being aware of someone else’s needs and being willing to support and help in some way. This could be with a co-worker, a friend, a family member and/or a favorite charity, or a cause that is dear to you.
We are all here on earth to learn, not only how to be in service to God, and others, but also to be in service to ourselves We do this by loving, caring and being compassionate with ourselves when we make a mistake, or misspeak. We have heard the phrase, “Peace Begins With Me.” Service begins with ourselves and perhaps that can be a new years resolution and/or intention. We must be kind to ourselves, respect ourselves and find the joy for ourselves and follow it. When we are kind and joyful, we have the heart and mind to help others be kind to themselves and find their joy. This would cause a ripple affect spreading out to everyone, and as the Law of Cause and Effect applies, would come back to us multiplied! We would be living in a sea of kindness, compassion, caring , respect and love for each other, ourselves and God.
Be in Service and let it begin with You!

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Align Values with Intentions

Dear Friends,

JANUARY seems to be the month for setting intentions for the coming year.
How often have you set an intention or a goal to have it disintegrate within a day, month or sometime during the year?
Are you tired of “trying to lose weight,” exercise more, work harder, etc……?
I will raise my hand for all of those.
This year I plan to follow a cherished value or virtue and decide when I am making a choice or decision, to ask the question, “Is this in alignment with my most cherished virtue/value? I know I can follow that intention. It will also make my decision easier.
What do you value? What is a cherished virtue? The Virtues Project offers a list you can find on the internet.
When faced with a decision or choice, what virtue/value will lead you through the process to a conclusion? Here are a few to think about. Make your intention into an affirmation. For example:
Caring – I am caring and respectful.
Commitment – I am committed to this project and will see it through.
Compassion – I am compassionate with others who may be hurting and/or saying
unkind words to me.
Confidence – I am confident, even in my fearfulness.
Creativity – I am creative. I always can see another way.
Flexibility – I am flexible and give others a chance to soar with their talents.
Forgiveness – I am forgiving in the midst of hurt and turmoil.
Honesty – I am honest with myself . I am honest with others without being
Careful – I am careful with my words /actions knowing I have the power to harm
or help.
Integrity – I am in integrity with all aspects of my life, even behind closed doors.
Kindness – I am kind to people. I associate with those who are also kind.
Orderliness – I am orderly in mind, at home, at work, in my car and
wherever I go.
Patience – I am patient with those who do not understand or disagree with me

What are your words/values/virtues to live by? How will you use them to guide you in the decision making process this coming year?