Align Values with Intentions

Dear Friends,

JANUARY seems to be the month for setting intentions for the coming year.
How often have you set an intention or a goal to have it disintegrate within a day, month or sometime during the year?
Are you tired of “trying to lose weight,” exercise more, work harder, etc……?
I will raise my hand for all of those.
This year I plan to follow a cherished value or virtue and decide when I am making a choice or decision, to ask the question, “Is this in alignment with my most cherished virtue/value? I know I can follow that intention. It will also make my decision easier.
What do you value? What is a cherished virtue? The Virtues Project offers a list you can find on the internet.
When faced with a decision or choice, what virtue/value will lead you through the process to a conclusion? Here are a few to think about. Make your intention into an affirmation. For example:
Caring – I am caring and respectful.
Commitment – I am committed to this project and will see it through.
Compassion – I am compassionate with others who may be hurting and/or saying
unkind words to me.
Confidence – I am confident, even in my fearfulness.
Creativity – I am creative. I always can see another way.
Flexibility – I am flexible and give others a chance to soar with their talents.
Forgiveness – I am forgiving in the midst of hurt and turmoil.
Honesty – I am honest with myself . I am honest with others without being
Careful – I am careful with my words /actions knowing I have the power to harm
or help.
Integrity – I am in integrity with all aspects of my life, even behind closed doors.
Kindness – I am kind to people. I associate with those who are also kind.
Orderliness – I am orderly in mind, at home, at work, in my car and
wherever I go.
Patience – I am patient with those who do not understand or disagree with me

What are your words/values/virtues to live by? How will you use them to guide you in the decision making process this coming year?