Foot Washing on Holy Thursday

Washing the Feet of San Diego Women Janitors on Holy Thursday

Christi Bohan, of Pax Christi Catholic Non-violent Peacemakers said, “Hi, peacemakers!  On Holy Thursday this week, we participated in the march and foot washing of our San Diego janitors to support an increase wage, and to stop the sexual harassment,  exploitation, and rape of female janitors.  It was a very powerful  and emotional march as one of the janitors carrying a huge wooden cross led us on a walk in downtown San Diego during the lunch time hour as us, the walkers,  sang “Here we are Lord” and “Amazing Grace.”  The police cleared one side of the road as onlookers stopped to see what was going on as we sang and held signs to support our  janitors.  We walked a few blocks to the Civic Center Plaza where we heard personal stories of the janitors plight.  Various religious leaders shared their thoughts and gave their blessings.  Bishop McElroy and two other Bishops from other faiths also were present and talked about their solidarity with the janitors.  A  major Muslim leader, Imam Taha Hassane, got huge applause when he shared “I want to be caught doing social justice” referring to one of the comments from one of the presidential candidates insinuating Muslims don’t do their part in promoting social justice.  Bishop McElroy made a point to acknowledge the tragedy in Belgium to this Muslim leader.  One of the signs we held at the march said, “All religions want justice.”  To wrap up the talks, the religious leaders and others who wanted to could wash the feet of the janitors and those that wanted their feet wash. It was a great way to see in action what Jesus did for us and how he wants us to serve each other.

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