Dear Friends,

I believe we all want a Magic Wand,        just like Harry Potter, to manifest our hearts desires. As we wave our magic wand we can say “Abracadabra!”  Poof ! –

the magic happens.  You may be laughing, however there is TRUTH to this word.
I was reading a wonderful little magazine, “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life” published by Unity.  Unity took Ernest Holmes Quote and created a whole magazine with stories about people who have changed their lives by the power of their thoughts and words.
God created ALL and gave us the power to create as well.
God spoke the world into being.  God gave us the power to speak our world into being.
One article by Rev. Toni Stephens Coleman shared the meaning behind the word, “Abracadabra.” Did you know “Abracadabra” “is an ancient Aramaic word. It literally means ‘I create as I speak.’ It was later translated in Hebrew as, ‘It came to pass as it was spoken.’ In the 1600’s it was believed to have magical powers and  at times was used as a word for God. At that time the world was filled with terrifying disease. Using the word abracadabra focused the creative, healing power of thought.”
Our thoughts moving into our verbal words is our Magic Wand today.
And when we speak we create from our heart.   Abracadabra!
Thoughts and Words are powerful.
Thoughts and Words Create.
Thoughts and Words Change our life.
Are you happy where you are?  Do you like the life you live? What would you change?
YOU have the power to Change your Thinking, Change Your Life.
Believe, as a child, your words spoken honestly, heartfeltly, and truthfully will manifest!

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