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The Mission of ANTN
To foster the growth of unique New Thought communities that encourage the consciousness of service, spiritual growth and integrity.

The Vision of ANTN
To create global transformation and healing through empowering New Thought ministries that encourage creativity, caring community, education, and spiritual support.

Wednesday, November 29
Noon, Pacific Time
Dial (605) 475-4846, and enter access code 143610#

Cliff Edwards, author of the acclaimed book,
“The Forgiveness Handbook — A Simple Guide to Freedom of the Mind and Heart,”   will be our guest on
Wednesday, November 29, at noon Pacific time.


Cliff will address:
* Forgiveness misunderstood
* New perspective and definition for forgiveness
* The “pushpin analogy” for forgiveness
* Emotional education — the key
* The power of process
* “Empowered Forgiveness” — the steps
* Experiential exercise
Cliff is “the forgiveness expert.” With best-selling author and transformational leader Debbie Ford, Cliff co-founded the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching in 2000. As a trainer and key architect of the Institute’s programs for twelve years, he helped develop innovative, coaching models and methodologies, and train more than 1,000 life coaches worldwide.
Cliff has been a professional coach, educator, trainer and consultant in continuous practice for more than 15 years. He coaches successful people into greater peace and prosperity, through a process of releasing negative judgments and unresolved issues, past or present. He offers life-changing perspectives, supports clear definitive actions and provides breakthrough results. He is committed to the life-long process of self-discovery and strives to be an example of what’s possible through continuing to stretch outside of the comfortable confines of past thoughts and beliefs. Cliff lives in San Diego with his wife, Loree.
Join us! Wednesday, November 29, at noon Pacific time. Dial (605) 475-4846, and enter access code 143610# 

The Affiliated New Thought Network has empowered Spirit-led, vision-driven, independent ministries and metaphysical churches of all sizes since 1992. ANTN represents diverse spiritual communities and unique ministries serving worldwide. ANTN believes Divine Consciousness is the sole authority.



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