Keep the High Watch

Dear Friends,

Many have heard the term, “Keeping the High Watch.” There are often Religious Science practitioners trained to keep a High Watch by seeing God and the Highest Good in All during a service. They also know God as Divine Good is in each person when praying for them.. Everyone has the ability to SEE the GOOD-GOD in all, through all and as all. We always have a choice, to See the Good, or to see the appearance of not Good.
What you choose to see is what you experience. God is Good on this dimension and in all dimensions.

Keeping the High Watch also means being aware of God’s messages to you to help you stay in the Divine flow of life. What does God’s message look like? It can be a telephone call, a sign you notice on the freeway, a thought, an image in your mind, a bird, a song, just about anything to capture your attention for the moment to listen and be watchful. Practicing the High Watch on a daily basis will prepare you for challenges in the future.

For example, last Sunday I knew I had to go to church. I felt a bit tired after the busy Thanksgiving week, however there was this “urging” to go.
“Urging” was God’s message for me to go. Steve and I went and we had a very meaningful conversation with one of the board members about ANTN and CSL, met a person who had attended the NAIN Conference and had wanted to meet us. I saw an old friend who I had suggested several weeks ago to attend this church. These were three connections I recognized as why I was urged to go to church.

One day I was feeling a bit sad about the loss of a beloved brother in law and a beloved friend all in the same month. The day had been quite dismal. As I had this feeling, all of a sudden the sun broke through the clouds and I felt the rays of God’s loving sun shine on me. I knew both Larry and John were in God’s loving arms and the sadness disappeared.
The SUN was God’s message to me of Divine love everywhere. All is well.

One day last week I decided to go holiday shopping and somehow I just could not bring myself to go. It felt like my feet and whole body were dragging. Now, the “old” me would have barreled through that feeling. The “new” me stopped and reconsidered. If I really feel this way, then it was not time for me to go. So I didn’t. The next day I felt energized and ready to shop. The roads were clear, the stores were practically empty and I got everything I needed in record time.
The physical draginess was my signal from God to NOT leave the house.

I was on my way home with just one more stop at CVS. It just seemed like it was so far out of my way, I decided not to go there. Then a thought and an image appeared in my mind. I “saw” another CVS on my way home. I would not have to go out of my way.
The CVS image was God’s way of saying, here is another option.

How does GOD appear to you? God is appearing and speaking to us all the time.
It is up to us to heed the messages, pay attention to the signals and keep the High Watch!
God Blesses us with Good everyday. Let us accept it!

Peace and Blessings,









Dear Friends,
I am thankful for…all these and more!

T – Tammy(daughter), Time, Tithes, and Talent
to serve
H – Home, Helping others. Honesty,
A – ALL Beings, faiths, cultures, animals, earth,
space, planets, sun, stars beyond
N– Native American Heritage Appreciation Day
K – Keith (son), Kindness,Kids, Kinship
S – Steve, Spirit, Soul, Sacredness
G – God, Goodness, Grace
I – Introspection, Inspiring Ideas, Inner Insight
V – Victory over negativity and fear, View behind house
I – Interfaith friends, Interfaith Movement, Integrity
N – New Thought, Non-violence
G – Gathering of family, friends at this Thanksgiving time.

What are you thankful for?
Create your own Thanksgiving list.

With Gratitude and Blessings,

What Is Mine To Do?

Dear Friends,

What is mine to do today? I love asking that question in the morning, surrendering to it, and allowing Spirit to guide me from morning through evening. It is amazing how my to-do list changes during the day. That question can be asked ALL the time in a variety of situations, whether it is first thing in the morning, during a meeting with co-workers, planning an event or even having a life challenge.
In the little booklet I have been reading, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, Rev.Michael Korpan says,
” The difference between victims and heroes in life is simply the nature of their thinking. When a crisis occurs, a victim might get stuck thinking, ‘Oh woe is me.’ A hero might initially feel that way, but soon shifts to thinking, ‘ What is mine to do?’ or even
“I am being called.’ We all have had experiences in our lives that have been difficult and painful. The stories we choose to create about those experiences are what shape our lives and define us.”
God gave us the inherent ability to CHOOSE our thoughts, and our actions. We can always bring in a new perspective to any situation. When there is a crisis or challenge in your life, think about how you would look at it, from another point of view. For example, 4 people standing on 4 different corners watching an accident take place, will have 4 different reactions and views of the same situation. Viewing a crisis from a new perspective gives us the power to make a new and better choice.
Steve had a stoke 14 years ago and he asked the question, “What is mine to do?” He still had to go through the long hours and many months of physical therapy, however since then he has volunteered for 13 years at a hospital helping stroke patients feel hope and a renewed perspective on life. Yes, he was called!
When an answer does not seem possible, write this equation on a 3×5 card: I+XI=X
Not possible? Can’t work?
Now turn the card upside down. X=IX+I
With a new perspective. it does work and it is possible!!!
(Thank you Dan Brown and his book Origins)
What is yours to do today? God will guide you to it and through it. Trust in the power of a new perspective to make a new choice.

New Choosings,


Dear Friends,

I believe we all want a Magic Wand,        just like Harry Potter, to manifest our hearts desires. As we wave our magic wand we can say “Abracadabra!”  Poof ! –

the magic happens.  You may be laughing, however there is TRUTH to this word.
I was reading a wonderful little magazine, “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life” published by Unity.  Unity took Ernest Holmes Quote and created a whole magazine with stories about people who have changed their lives by the power of their thoughts and words.
God created ALL and gave us the power to create as well.
God spoke the world into being.  God gave us the power to speak our world into being.
One article by Rev. Toni Stephens Coleman shared the meaning behind the word, “Abracadabra.” Did you know “Abracadabra” “is an ancient Aramaic word. It literally means ‘I create as I speak.’ It was later translated in Hebrew as, ‘It came to pass as it was spoken.’ In the 1600’s it was believed to have magical powers and  at times was used as a word for God. At that time the world was filled with terrifying disease. Using the word abracadabra focused the creative, healing power of thought.”
Our thoughts moving into our verbal words is our Magic Wand today.
And when we speak we create from our heart.   Abracadabra!
Thoughts and Words are powerful.
Thoughts and Words Create.
Thoughts and Words Change our life.
Are you happy where you are?  Do you like the life you live? What would you change?
YOU have the power to Change your Thinking, Change Your Life.
Believe, as a child, your words spoken honestly, heartfeltly, and truthfully will manifest!


Dear Friends,
CHANGE happens!  It is unavoidable and unstoppable.  We can either try to push back or just accept it.  My friend Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber says from her “Blessings of the Day.”
“Shift happens. Change is normal, natural. Nature has order,
and happiness and sorrow come and go. All is in flow, all is in process. “
God is Always in Flow and we are in that flow 24/7.
I know we can be frustrated when our favorite store closes, or the makeup we love has morphed into another style or color.  We can be disappointed  when the brand of anything ( product, clothing, food) no longer is being sold.  We can be upset with a personal move or a company move or when someone in our family moves.  We can be saddened and grief stricken when a loved one (family or friend) passes on.
Change happens. We may not like it, however we cannot stop it. Here is an acronym.
C = Change
H = Happens
A = Always
N  = anD
G = God is
E = Eternal
…And God is Eternal.  To me that is  the most important part of the acronym, because in our New Thought belief system, we are OF GOD so the most important part of us, our Spirit, never changes.  IT always IS.
What is more important than our God Self?  Nothing!
Our God Self is always eternal and moving us forward in our Spiritual Growth and Understanding.  There are some things in  that growth period we will need to release and let go because we cannot take another step on the ladder upwards without releasing our foot on the bottom rung.
Does it really matter in our eternal life whether our favorite store stays open?
We find a new store.
Does it really matter in our eternal life how our makeup morphs?
We do adjust.
Does it really matter in our eternal life whether our favorite brand has disappeared?
We find a replacement.
Does it matter if we move, the company moves or our loved ones move in our eternal life?
We adjust.  We find a new route. We re-organize. We call, text, email, Skype.
This is the hard one….
Does it matter if our loved one passes on in our eternal life?
I can’t say this doesn’t matter in our earthly life,  however I can say, LOVE is eternal and that person’s spirit and heart and love will always be with us.
LOVE, GOD and Eternal LIFE can and will never die.
Even if we cannot see our loved ones who have passed on, we know their spirit is alive and well, young and happy, loved and cared for.
YES, we will miss them, but only for a blink of an eye in our eternal life.
Let us begin to accept CHANGE  as being  a good, and necessary  part of our life experience and spiritual growth.      Step up on that ladder….
Change Happens Always and GoD is Eternal
Changing Daily,

Eternal Life

As I was reading the Science of Mind Magazine for October,  I was reminded, with the quote by Dr. Ernest Holmes,
“There  is only one Life. That Life is God’s Life. That Life is perfect. That Life is my Life now.”
Another article quote was,
 “If I ascend into heaven, thou art there; if I descend into Sheol, behold, thou art there also.”
Hebrew Bible, Psalm 139:8.
This article and these words are so appropriate for Steve and me right now as we prepare for Larry’s (Steve’s brother) memorial.  Altho we cannot see Larry physically we know the Truth of LIFE still holds true for him  The One Life is Larry’s Life now, whether he is on this side of the veil or the other.
He (Larry, God, Life) will be with us as we travel.  He will be with us as we are with the Albert family.  He will be with us at the Memorial.  LIFE is forever.  LIFE is eternal.
Let us Love Life, Love God, Love all the Blessings we have and be Grateful.  Let us turn to our family and friends and be thankful they are there either as cushions, nourishment. teachers or sandpaper to our soul. We came here together to grow in faith, in love and spiritual relationships.  The Life of God flows through each one of us so we are all connected and ONE in, as and of God.  Realize that relationship is awakening to who we are, Spirit in form.  Ernest Holmes also said, “The Spirit of man is God.  Intuition is Spirit talking.”
Listen, Love and Know, Life is Forever Being You.

Death is a doorway into another reality

Dear Friends,
Our prayers are with the family of Louise Hay who passed away August 30th
Death, or Transition as many of us like to refer to the next phase of eternal life, can be challenging and/or scary for many people.  I was comforted hearing that Louise passed away in her sleep, simply and serenely.  Her faith and belief really demonstrated a  calm and easy journey to the other side.
I have a dear friend who has been “suffering” in body form for the past 6 years.  I visited her two years ago thinking that was her time to move on.  I am keeping in touch with her family and apparently “letting go” is becoming increasingly difficult for her and straining the emotions, physical health as well as resources of the family. Interesting, how it seems to be easy for some and difficult for others to release, and surrender.
I am reading a wonderful book called, The Emissary by Sydney J. Taylor and he addressed death in his book.  His main character is Michael who is an emissary of God and comes to help people in a particular city as well as carry out the message of love from God.   Michael was speaking to a patient in the hospital and said,
“Do not be alarmed; rather be filled with expectation. You have never been afraid of going to sleep. Then do not be concerned about this transition, for I can tell you truthfully it is the same.  You will simply go to sleep as you have done every night.  There is only one difference; that wonderful Divine Eternal Self which you really are, will be freed from this body. Your body with is pains and sickness has outlived its usefulness as a means of gathering experience, so you will not return to it in the morning as you formerly did after sleep.”
Our personalities, bodies, egos are here to house our spirit, God in us, to complete what is ours to do.
All our experiences are geared to learning, growing, transforming and remembering who we are.
When our task is complete, whether it is for ourselves, or for others to learn through our example, we will be going home.  That is a fact. That is a given.  With all the first hand experiences from people who have had a taste and glimpse of the other side through NDEs, ( Near Death Experiences) why would we ever be afraid to move on. God’s Love and Guidance has been carrying  us through this earthly life, so why would we doubt God will carry us onward in our next life experience?
My favorite memorial poem is by Kahil Gibran:
There Is No Death
I am standing on the seashore.
A ship at my side spreads her white sails
to the morning breeze and stars for the blue ocean.
She is an object of beauty and strength,
and I stand and watch her until at length
she is a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky
come to mingle with each other.
Then someone at my side says, “There! She’s gone!”
Gone where? Gone from my sight, that is all.
She is just as large in mast and hull and spar
as she was when she left my side,
and she is just as able to bear her load
of living weight to her destined harbor.
Her diminished size is in me, not in her.
And just at the moment
When someone at my side says, “There, She’s gone!”
There are other eyes watching her coming, and other voices
ready to take up the glad shout, “Here she comes!”
And that is dying.
We wish Louise Hay a fond goodbye from our side, knowing she is being greeted with love and joy on the other side.

My Mental Equivalent

“The Law is Infinite and Perfect but in order to make a demonstration
-Ernest Holmes

Dear Friends,
I have been thinking a lot about how Steve and I ended up co-chairing and planning this amazing NAIN conference.  In a morning reflection, my thoughts went back to an old Vision Board I created maybe 10 years ago. I remembered the photos and my declared words on the board said “I Am an Event Planner.”  At the time I thought we would have an Interfaith Center where I would plan events for it. The Center itself has not manifested YET, however my “Event Planner”Vision certainly has!  Who would have thought we would be hosting this conference with over 240 people involved (attendees and presenters) !  Not only was this idea on my Vision board, it was also a Vision in Steve’s mind as well. In fact he tried to bring people together about 8 years ago to hold an interfaith conference.  Didn’t happen then.
So why NOW?
According to Ernest Holmes, we now have the ‘Mental Equivalent’ for it!    I have worked on ANTN conference committees and chaired one of them. I also have planned many Poway Interfaith Team events throughout the years.  Steve created several conferences in his past for the Future Society and Architectural and Engineering groups.   It took a number of  years to manifest, however here we are doing this 5 day conference.  Needless to say it is a stretch and  a challenge on all levels for us.  One of the past NAIN Presidents said to us, ” Creating a NAIN conference is not for the feint of heart.”    Well, we stepped into the role, and relied on God all the way.  This project is far greater than we had ever imagined.  In fact what we imagined in the beginning is not what is happening now.  God closed some doors and opened others.
When the conference is over and we can look back and say,
“This was a tremendous success!
Thank you God for the opportunity to serve You in this way!”
This will be one of those:
“Glad we did it, and choose not to do it again!”

I Dissolve in God

“As God’s beloved, I live in bliss knowing that my soul is never separated from Him, for I learn to know Him in all that I see.  God dissolved my mind, my separation.  I cannot describe now my intimacy with Him.”    – St. Teresa of Avila

Dear Friends,
In my morning prayer/meditation time I read the above quote from the Science of Mind magazine and was deeply touched by the  phrase,
“God dissolved my mind, my separation…’
As I read this, I realized that is what I want in my heart and in my mind. I want to dissolve any idea of separation from God or anything that appears in my life.
The other day, a person, who is a colleague friend, said something that really pushed my buttons.  It was as if he was “dissing” all the work Steve and I are putting into making the NAIN Conference successful.
He has not supported or contributed in any way and wanted us to put our attention to other interfaith activities and events we have sponsored in the past.  It came as a shock, and at the time we really didn’t know what to say.  The next day both Steve and I wrote a letter sharing our feelings with him. We  both were affected by his comments and needed to share  how he made us feel.  When he receives the letter, it will be a test of friendship to disagree and move on and continue to be friends.
I felt so separated  and isolated from this gentleman when he made his comments.  I felt the anger put up my arm as an  invisible barrier between us. In meditation, after reading. St. Teresa’s quote “God dissolved my mind, my separation….” I realized this man has a deep love for our traditional interfaith events, and how he has missed it and possibly felt the loss.  In my new perspective and  understanding I saw the situation from his point of view, I felt myself dissolve into God. I dissolved any irritation, and the push back of emotions.  I was opening my heart and dissolving the barriers of my mind.  I am and never have been separated from God or anyone else, for ALL is God.  When my mind separates from one, it separates from All.
I live in bliss knowing that my soul is never separated from Him For I learn to know Him in All I See….
Today, I dissolve into God.  I see God in my colleague.  I see my Oneness in, as and of God in all forms (people, animals, nature, and challenges).     And so it is. Amen
Dissolving in God,