The Mighty I AM

 My Mighty I AM Presence

The Mighty I Am

Jesus:” I am the One who dwells within you. I Am the Father, I Am the Mother. I Am the Son. I Am the One who is beyond corruption. I Am the seed that is planted within every being.”-The Apocryphon of John

Krishna: “I am the Father of the Universe. I am the Mother. I sustain all beings. I am the Way the Supporter, the Lord, the Witness, the Abode, the Refuge, the Friend, the Origin, and the Dissolution, the resting place and the ground which holds the eternal seed.”  –The Bagavad Gita

What a wonderful reminder from these Masters, the Mighty I Am Spirit resides in each and every one of us.  They are claiming the Mighty I AM Spirit is within them. Can you begin to believe you are the I Am Spirit residing in a human body?  When we feel it, know it, and  believe it with all our hearts and mind, any distress, illness, or challenge can be seen as only a temporary passing event.

Illness does not belong to Spirit/God. Unhappiness is not God. JOY, WHOLENESS and  LOVE is GOD!  Let us not take negative passing events and make them stay by saying “I have (illness). or I have a horrible ____________.

Do not claim illness. Do not claim an unfulfilling  job, marriage or relationship. Begin to claim the Mighty I AM Spirit Presence in, as and through you and in,as and through all people in your life. When we do so, not only does our perception change, the people, events, our health and world changes around us as well.

Claim: I Am the Mighty I Am I Am Joy, Wholeness and Love!


Anything is possible

No matter what religion you are, or what spiritual path you are following, God’s CREATIVE URGE is always within YOU seeking to emerge!   You have the power and potential to create a most dynamic and fulfilling life.  You have free will and are an unlimited spiritual being!
Ernest Holmes in  “What We Believe” says
“…we are surrounded by this Creative Mind which receives the direct impress of our thoughts and acts upon it.”
My questions for you are…
What is the Direct Impress of your thoughts?
How has the Creative  Mind acted upon your thoughts?
Look at your life right now. Are you living the life you want? Are you happy? Is there
something calling you? What would you really LOVE to do?  Are you ready for a change?
We are meant to LIVE THE LIFE WE LOVE!
Here are 5 Steps we can take to begin creating the life we love.
1. Take time to LISTEN for God’s inner intuitive voice within you. You can’t HEAR anything with a cell phone in one hand and an IPAD in another.
2. Honor Your Crazy Love for doing what want to do! You are not looking for a career, you are looking for ALIVENESS! Love propels you into new experiences, insights and abilities.
3. Say YES to your desire, hope, and divine invitation/adventure. Our culture demands definition, but our SOUL CRAVES EXPRESSION!
4.START nurturing yourself with kind and loving words. Tama Kieves says “Everything you give this world will come from everything you give yourself.”
5. Start DANCING and the Band will find YOU! The world needs your gifts and what you love to do is your gift to the world!
SAY YES To Your Creative Urge!
Anything is Possible!

Birds of a feather flock together a5098s


“Birds of a Feather Flock Together”

Steve and I had a wonderful 4th of July. We were invited to attend a picnic during the day at  MIssion Beach with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA. It was the first time we had met these wonderful people and had such fun in our conversation discovering our commonalities and people we both know.  Later that evening we attended a dinner and watched the fireworks at Ner Tamid Synagogue.  We went with friends who are Oneness Blessings Givers (One Hindu based organization).  I guess you may say we had an Interfaith Day.  Were we birds of a feather?  On the outside possibly not.  On the inside definitely so! We are all ONE FLOCK in, of and as GOD.  One humanity loving and serving God in our own unique and special ways.   We may look different, however we are ONE in Essence and ONE in the Thread of Life that passes through each one of us.

We are all Birds learning how to Flock together to create a world that is filled with Peace, Love, Compassion and Collaboration!

Sweet Tweets!

(Go to our Welcome Page to view the video on the Benefits of Building Interfaith Relationships.)



Standing on Holy Ground

Standing on Holy Ground

As I was reading The Interfaith Manual, I came across the song words of:

“On Holy Ground.” “When I walked through the doors I sense His presence. And I know this was a place where love abounds.  For this is a temple, the God we love abides here. And we are standing in His presence, On Holy Ground.” (first verse)  

It reminded me of how I felt being in a Sacred Service where God abides.  I felt I was standing on Holy Ground and knew all the prayers, chants, reading of scriptures, songs, meditations, meaningful messages created this beautiful sacred space.  The air radiated God’s love and there was a sweet peace permeating the atmosphere. Where was I? I was in a Christian church, a Synagogue, a Mosque, a Sikh Gurdwara, a Hindu Temple, a Buddhist Temple.     I also felt the Holy Presence and Holy ground in gardens, on labyrinths, in nature, on walks, at sunset on the beach for God is EVERYWHERE in Everyone and Everything.   God is the Golden Thread that Interconnects Us All. We are ONE Spiritual Family loving and connecting with God in many ways, in many faith traditions.

In His presence I know there is joy
beyond all measure
And at His Feet sweet peace of Mind
can still be found
For when we have a need He is still the answer
Reach out and claim it
for we are standing on Holy Ground.
(3rd verse)
Wherever you are, Wherever you stand, God Is there, and all is well!


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