Calling God

Today I was reading a small little booklet (probably out
of print) by a most beloved New Thought minister, Dr. Tom Costa.  The title is,
“Excuse Me While I Call God.”
I loved the way Dr. Tom equated prayer with a phone call to God. Not to a God out in the ethers somewhere, but the God that resides within us, always listening, ready and available when we are.  I want to share this beautiful, yet simple way of praying to God as if calling on a phone.
Dr. Tom states in Religious Science there are five steps to Prayer Treatment.
1. The First step is Recognition.
I recognize that there  is a God to call upon. If  I didn’t believe there was a God to call, I would not bother to pick up the receiver.  Whenever we make a phone call, we know there is a “receiver” on the other end.  So we know GOD is the receiver. We recognize GOD is there to call upon.
2. Unification – We Unify, We Connect
Now that I have picked up the receiver, the next step is to dial. This is when I make the connection with God the One Power. I connect, and I unify with the ONE God.
“God’s Switch board is never busy, and yet we might we get a busy signal….
Why?  Not because God isn’t willing to give us the answer. It is due to our fear, our doubt, our lack of conviction and trust.”
3. Realization
“I state the purpose and reason for my call to God.” The channel is open for Good/God in all areas of my life. There is a direct line between me and the Absolute Abundance, Wholeness, Wisdom of God.  Once I realize, acknowledge and affirm this, I accept it and believe in it.
4. Give Thanks
On the call I take the time to appreciate and be grateful for the direct link between God and me.  I know God understands what I want and need. God has heard it from my heart, mind and voice.
5. Say Good bye
When I hang up the phone, I say good bye knowing my prayer is complete.
I don’t keep dialing and asking for the same thing over and over and over.
(Nor would I plant a seed and pull it up over and over and over again. If I did it would never grow).  So I trust my prayer call knowing God has already designed the  Divine Outcome. I Release, Surrender Let Go, and Let God.

This is GOD. I will be handling all your problems today.
I will not need your help, so have a good day!
(author unknown)



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