Trust in God

December 19, 2017
Dear Friends,
I began writing this last week as the fires started to  soar through northern San Diego County. I  began to pray and trust in God for the Divine Outcome. I meditated and visualized a bubble of light as a protective shield surrounding our home, all the property and the labyrinth. I saw the angels  encircling everything.  This protective bubble extended outward to our neighbors, the city of Poway and beyond.  I saw the winds subsiding as I spoke my word, just as Jesus the Christ spoke his word to the winds and waves on the Sea of Galilee.
In addition to prayer. I packed up ready to leave in case we got the evacuation call.  Even though we live 1/2 hour away from the Lilac fire, one never knows when or if the wind will change direction.  I  felt so blessed to have the things we have. And I know what ever would happen, Steve and I would be fine!
Today as I write this, the fires are contained and our prayers are with  those who have lost their homes and pets in the fires.  We send them love knowing the Highest and Best is happening. People are pulling together in collaboration to help and support one another. In the midst of disaster, there is always a blessing. Each person will find the blessing meant for them. We know the Divine Plan is always one of Good.
In trust and surrender, I say thank you God.

Don’t Forget the Best

Dear Friends,
I received this in an email from a friend and wanted to share  it with you. I do not know who wrote it. It is a powerful reminder of what is really important, especially  at this holiday season.  Stop a moment and appreciate the beauty around you. That is God’s Best!
“Once upon a time there was a shepherd boy tending sheep on the side of a mountain.
One day he saw at his feet a beautiful flower – one that was more beautiful than any he had ever seen.  He knelt down and scooped the flower in his hands and held it close to his eyes, drinking in its beauty.  As he held the flower close to his face, suddenly he heard a noise and looked up before him.
There he saw a great mountain opening up before his eyes. Inside the mountain, he saw a sprinkling of beautiful gems and gold. With the flower in his hands, he walked inside. Laying the flower down, he began to gather gold and precious gems.
With all that his arms could carry, he turned and began to walk out of the cavern. Then a voice said to him, “Don’t forget the best.”
Thinking that perhaps he had overlooked some choice piece of treasure, he returned and picked up additional pieces of gold.
With his arms overflowing, he walked back outside. And the voice said, “You forgot the best, for the beautiful flower is the key to the vault.”  All of a sudden, the gold and gems turned to dust.  He looked around in time to see the mountain closing its doors. The boy forgot the best, and lost a treasure.
All secular beauty was created by God to lead our affections to Him. The pleasures of earthly treasures and beauty fade away in time. God’s beauty is constant and everlasting.
Remember the Source of the beauty we enjoy in life. The gold and gems are but a reflection and expression of God Himself.
True happiness can only come to us from the Creator, not the creation.
Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
~Psalm 37:4
You have made us for Yourself, O Lord, 
and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in You. ”
~ Saint Augustine
Choosing Wisely,

I Am a Vortex of God


Dear Friends,

I walked the labyrinth this morning and then sat on one of our comfy chairs to pause, reflect and meditate.  I looked at the center of the labyrinth with its beautiful gifts of crystals and stones.  It looked like a beautiful vortex where love, joy, healing, wholeness can come up from the depths of Mother Earth and spray out into the ethers of our neighborhood, city, state, country and world.  A spray of Love to all.

I also thought of vortexes in Sedona and other places in the world. We can’t always go to these energetic   places to experience an encounter with the Divine.  I feel very blessed to have a labyrinth in my backyard.

Then the thought came to me, places such as Sedona or the center of our labyrinth is not the only Vortex.  There are millions, billions of vortexes and one of them is ME.  It occurred to me, sometimes when walking the labyrinth we are trying to GET to something, or GET an answer from something, which is God. 

In New Thought we believe we are ONE in, as and of God.  We are walking emissaries and immanent beings of God. Therefore what we are seeking, we are already, God, Spirit, Divine Intelligence, Great Love and more! Aren’t we really seeking God when we ask for a healing, or a solution to a problem or  the right outcome for a challenge?

Yes of course.  

“Our desire is for God to fix broken things. But God’s desire for us is to fix our relationship with him. ” 

-Laura Story,

We really don’t have to go anywhere. We can imagine ourselves walking a labyrinth or being at one of the world’s energy vortexes.  We breathe deeply to quiet our heart, mind, body and think about GOD.  

“Be Still and Know That I AM God.”

When we do, Spirit can rise up within us as a gentle flow of love, knowledge, wisdom, wholeness, caring and divine ideas which we can understand and use as answers and solutions to our prayers.

 WE Are Our Own Center, Our Own GOD VORTEX!!!

 God within has all and is all that we could ever need.

World Labyrinth Day

I was out and about today and meeting
many people on all my errands.  Each one I
met greeted me warmly, had a funny story to tell or just  had a kind attitude.  It made me realize again how KIND people really are.
We are ALL wired to be Kind and Good. It is
our true nature, our Spiritual essence.  We come from God, from Good, from Love, From Kindness.  That is who we are.
It is lovely to be reminded of the Truth of our being.
Come celebrate that Truth with others at our home this Saturday May 6th on
This World Labyrinth Day Walk is being celebrated in at least 200 countries where people  will be walking, and connecting energetically, emotionally, and spiritually with everyone around the world. Labyrinth walkers will walk  as ONE at 1:00pm in their time zones. It will be as a wave of healing love, goodness, peace, beauty kindness and connection circling the globe.
Walking a labyrinth is walking a sacred path to the center of your soul. You are connecting with your God Self, Higher Power, Divine Wisdom, however you wish to call Universal Intelligence  It is here where  you may receive guidance, grace,  a feeling of gratitude, new ideas, healing, cleansing, change of direction, and whatever lesson you need to learn and/or action you need to take.  It is a spiritual journey and a powerful tool for personal transformation.
Come walk with us this Saturday. Be part of the Global Community
and make a tremendous difference by raising the consciousness of goodness and kindness around the world.  It will be as if we are holding hands with people of all faiths, cultures  and countries.
We will feel our Oneness, our Sparks of Divinity
in the One Family of God.



I want to leave
blowing kisses off my fingertips
and using my last breath to say
I have loved it all.
-Anne Silver
(Karen Jandorf Daily Quotes)
Dear Friends,
Do you remember when you blew kisses to your mom and dad, or son and daughter and/or a favorite person?  I don’t see that being done much anymore and yet a sweet, innocent kiss blown from one to another is such a gift of love.
It is simple and sincere.  Remember as the kiss was given and blown to you the eyes of the giver were warm, big, and filled with love.
We know LOVE is  the essence of the universe, it makes the world go round, it is a healer of physical, spiritual and emotional wounds. God is Love and always sending Love to us as gentle kisses in the breeze, gentle kisses in the rain and a gentle pat on the arm from someone who cares.
Take a moment today and blow a loving kiss with loving thoughts and feelings to a special someone. We know this gentle, loving act will be felt by the receiver, even if he or she is not aware.  It is a powerful act when sent to someone who is hurting, or going through turmoil.  A person who appears unkind, unthoughtful or mean also needs love. Deep within people who hurt, is a scared child who desperately needs a act of love and kindness.  The beauty is, you can do this in “secret” knowing you may have been the one to open the heart a little wider in that person.
Blowing Kisses to situations works well too! It could be a loving kiss goodbye to what no longer serves you.  Sending “it” off with love and no regret.
Blowing Kisses to a relationship that has ended. As they say, a time for every season and this person lasted the season and now it is time to say goodbye with love and gratitude.
Blowing Kisses for health and wholeness brings a sweet healing to yourself and to others.
Blow a loving kiss to whomever and what ever you wish, and enjoy the moment.
Be as a child today(they all enter the Kingdom)
and blow out lots of loving kisses.
Who knows you may even receive one back.
Can you feel it?

I Can Do That!

Dear  Friends,
     I was reading the April Science of Mind magazine  and loved the article about
 “I Can Do That”. Do you remember when you were a child, or even older, and saw someone do something that made you feel in AWE of the person?  Not only in AWE, but a deep feeling inside that told you, “YOU can do that also!”  The article mentioned author Dan Brown who had that
“I Can Do This” moment while reading books by Sidney Sheldon and Robert Ludlum.  He went on to write, The Da Vinci Code.
I remember attending the Ice Capades in Chicago with my parents as a child and thought that very thought, “I can do that!”  My childhood exuberance was a bit over the top, however my dad started taking me to the outdoor ice rink and I had a blast learning how to skate. What fun and joy it gave me.
I also remember sitting in my third grade classroom listening to my teacher and I thought, I can do this.  I want to be a teacher when I grow up. And so I did!  I taught pre-school and elementary school for 20 years.
I also thought I would be a really good minister’s wife.  Little did I know I would BE a minister, then marry a minister. 🙂
God’s bit of humor!
The “I Can Do That” attitude comes deep within our soul.  It is a feeling, an intuition, a still small voice, that is telling us, pursue what gives you joy, fun and  purpose.   Even if you fall short of a dream, just being on the journey is an adventure and blessed because one road not completed may lead you to another road which you do complete. Any time you admire a quality in another person, the fact that you “recognize it” means there is that special quality within you as well. God may use it in a different way, but it is there!
Many are celebrating the resurrection of Christ Jesus during this Easter season because he showed us the way to live and to love.  He even told us,
“What I Do, YOU Can Do Also, and Even Greater Things.”
There are no limits to our soul’s purpose.  What we came in to do is only ours to do and the doors will open for us when we Trust, have Faith and Surrender to God’s Highest Good for our lives. Mitch Horowitz in the article said:
“All achievement is a marriage of idealism and great execution.
The wanting alone is insufficient – there must be impeccable follow-through. But the journey can begin, and sometimes must begin, with that one spark of inner realization in which you say to yourself: I Can Do That!”
Pay Attention to the moment when your heart  says-
Know you have it in you.
Then do it!!!

Spirit is Calling You

Dear Friends,
Another year around the sun.  Time just flies by in the Cosmos of life.
As every year, 2016 had its highs and lows for each of us, whether it was personal, spiritual, emotional, physical, or political.  However in the Grand Universal Scheme of things we experienced the tiniest part of our eternal lives. And each tiny part is like a part of a grand puzzle where each is needed and important to complete. We are here because we are needed to bring God Consciousness and purpose onto this earth dimension. We are here to answer Spirit’s Call within us for God works in us, through us, as us because God is us!
In 2017,  What is Spirit Calling YOU to Do?
We just celebrated the birth and emerging of Christ Consciousness within us at Christmas time.  We now have an opportunity  in the coming new year to fully develop the urgency of God’s call birthing a NEW and awesome purpose and vision within us.  Rather than “wanting” a new car, new home, new relationship, new job, why not  be “willing” to surrender to a Higher Idea, Higher Purpose, Higher Call in your life from/as God.  Your soul is on a journey upward.  Ride it intentionally.  GOD ALWAYS HAS A BIGGER, BETTER, HIGHER, and more FULFILLING PLAN for your life than you can imagine. It will be new, it may be scary, and it will always be RIGHT for you. When the new idea emerges within you, know it is YOURS to do. God is speaking to you and only you for that particular Divine Idea.  So just relax and give in to IT, to the DIVINE WILL and soar in Spirit, Heart and Mind to new and greater avenues of God’s Good in your lives.  I guarantee  when you do, you will automatically receive much more than you asked for.
The Divine Outcome will surprise and amaze you.
Remember you are a beloved child of  God.
Know your UNION in and of God.
Surrender to the DIVINE Will within You!
Hear IT, Answer IT and say YES to IT.
Step into  2017 by birthing a new purpose and vision for your life.
Be the Christ Consciousness in the world  NOW.
Spirit is Calling you. What is Yours  to do?
Happy New Year, Happy New You.
Abigail and Steve

Be at Peace



Dear Friends,
    I have been drawn to the idea of PEACE these past few days. I was reading  about the breath in one of my favorite books, Spiritual Unfoldment.  It talked about breathing in the Breath of God and exhaling Love, Light and Peace  to the world, and to every living being. I also have a  rose on my meditation table that says, “Love is the Answer.” I know when I have a loving heart, I am at peace. And as I was pulling out my Christmas decorations and other decor, I hung up some guest finger towels that said “Peace.”  There are no coincidences. PEACE  was and is on my plate!
     During this time of year, what can be more important than to keep oneself at Peace, in heart, mind, soul and body.  With deep inner peace, there can only be openness and love.  The Beloved Jesus the Christ said,
“Peace I leave with you, Peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”
– John 14:27.
Today, as you sit, meditate, pray, and reflect, take in a deep cleansing breath then breathe deeply  bringing in all the Love and Peace of God.  As you exhale, send out the energy of Love, Peace, Joy, Forgiveness to all those who you love and those who you do not.   We must remember the Spark of God is within ALL people, not just a few.  As we see the good, the good emerges. Instead of wasting time on what you do not like, spend precious moments on what you do want, such as peace love, and goodness.
What we see and feel is what we get.  What do you want?  See it, feel it. LOVE it.  Be at Peace.
With Love  and Peace,

Don’t Quit, Keep Going


Dear Friends,
Have you ever felt obstacles, hitches or impediments on your journey towards a dream, goal or even a vacation?
I think we have all had those experiences and just felt like giving up and “going home.’  Last Friday on our way to beautiful Sedona, AZ, Steve and I had those feelings. We were only going to be in Sedona for two days, Saturday and Sunday.  Our trip started out well and then we were inundated by traffic hold ups and road work.  By the time we got to Yuma, we almost decided to come home.  We could either spend another 3-4 hours coming home (due to road work) or spend another 5-6 hours  and actually arrive in Sedona.  Well, needless to say we continued onward!  There was only  one more bit of road work just outside Yuma and then it was clear sailing the rest of the way. We were SO GLAD we continued on our journey.
We had a wonderful time with another two couples staying in a beautiful time share. We took long spectacular hikes among the beautiful red rock hills and water falls, and watched a magnificent  sunset.  We experienced a Crystal Bowl Meditation, walked a lovely labyrinth, and went to a Tlaquepaque festival in downtown Sedona.  Coincidentally we  actually went to the real Tlaquepaque town in Mexico this past summer!  Steve and I also had a wonderful breakfast with our dear minister friend Rev. Dr.Jami Martin.  Such beauty in this sacred place and to think we almost gave up getting there!
Where ever you are on your journey, regardless of obstacles, rough patches or frustrations towards your goal, your dream or even starting off on a vacation, keep going, don/t quit.
You will never know the magnificence waiting for you around the next corner!

Hiking along trails leading to rivers, water falls  and beautiful rock-hills in the background.

red-rock-river Walking a Lovely Labyrinth in SedonalabyrinthRed Rock Hills just before Sunset red-rock-sunsetSunset in Sedona sunset



Consciousness Man in Light

“The degree to which your Consciousness expands, is the degree to which you understand yourself and the universe.”
– Gina Charles

Dear Friends,
The word “Armageddon” keeps coming to me, and I keep trying to avoid the many meanings tied to it. Personally I do not believe in the Armageddon where we all blow up on earth or God snaps a lightning bolt and we all die, or some of us leave and others stay..  I am coming to believe in an Armageddon of Consciousness.   Another idea for Armageddon may be the ‘day of reckoning.’ The Bible is a beautiful sacred book filled with mystery, miracles, religious beliefs, callings, healings, and  journeys of people. Some read it literally, some read it metaphorically.  However you read and believe it, it is still a journey of consciousness.
Today, we are creating our own personal book of life filled with our journey of consciousness, mystery, miracles, healings, beliefs and callings. As we look back on our secular history we can see the slow struggle we have had to rise in consciousness and accept the dignity and equality  of all men and women, no matter what race, gender, faith, creed etc.  And yet, some  seem to be taking some steps backwards in their journey of conscientiousness and book of life.  WE as CONSCIOUSNESS, DIVINE ENERGY, SPARKS of GOD must remain in HIGH MINDS and HEARTS especially during this political season and world times.  It truly is an Armageddon of Consciousness.
Where will you stand?
Will you remember GOD loves ALL Creation?   We are here as spiritual warriors, not to make war, but to send out vibrations of love.  As we do so, ALL will feel the strength, the wisdom, the compassion, the kindness, for the Consciousness of GOOD and LOVE are All powerful over anything unlike itself.
Look deep within and let go of anything, any thought, any words that may be harmful, hurtful to any person, place or thing. Do your own reckoning of life.
We are all connected as ONE. When we hug ourselves, the whole body feels good.
Let us send Love and Hug All people so the whole world feels good.
Imagine a world…. where LOVE Reigns!

Earth with Heart Shapes
Love, Hugs and Hearts,
Abigail and Steve