NAIN 2018
North American Interfaith Network Conference
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
“Pilgrimage: Journeys of Discovery”
Early Bird Registration $300 before March 31
Young Adult Registration ages 18-35 $200
Regular Registration $400 after April 1



Association for Global New Thought

AGNT Board
The All Faith Center and Association for Global New Thought
AGREES with the Parliament!
The Parliament of the World’s Religions Condemns President Trump’s Plans to Withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement
A Statement of the Parliament of the World’s Religions from
David Hales
Chair of the Climate Action Task Force and Trustee
Dr. Larry Greenfield
Executive Director
Dr. Robert P. Sellers
Chair of the Board

The Parliament of the World’s Religions Condemns President Trump’s Plans to Withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement
CHICAGO (June 1, 2017) — The 21st century presents no greater moral challenge than addressing the threat of human-caused climate change.
President Donald Trump has utterly failed that test.
The Parliament of the World’s Religions condemns in the strongest possible terms the President’s decision to renege on the commitment of the United States to the Paris Climate Agreement, a pact signed by 195 nations and formally ratified by 147 nations.
The decision is wrong from every relevant perspective:
Scientifically, it is unsound and indefensible.
Economically, it undermines the ability of the United States to build a competitive economy for the future, sacrificing US jobs at almost every level of production and service, sacrificing American competitiveness in every market.
Medically, it condemns hundreds of thousands to unnecessary sickness and premature death.
Politically, it undermines the United States’ credibility and trustworthiness with its strongest allies as well as its fiercest competitors, and thus strikes a self-inflicted blow against national security.
Our condemnation of this decision is based on our conviction that the decision is wrong, but not just in the sense that it is incorrect. This decision is wrong in the sense that it is evil—it will result in devastation to life on Earth for generations to come. Its global consequences and impact on every living being on the planet makes it fundamentally immoral.
Every individual and every nation, every institution and every corporate entity, every religious and spiritual community faces this momentous ethical challenge of our age. Those with the greatest opportunity and power to affect the course of the 21st century have the greatest responsibility to act with unflinching moral integrity.
No individual faces more responsibility than the President of the United States.
His failure, however, only increases the responsibility of others. If this President fails, it falls then to the people and their elected representatives to reject, reverse, and overcome it.
The Parliament is committed to that reversal and to overcoming its consequences as well as the ignorance on which it is based. We call on others who cherish all that is sacred in our world to join in that commitment, and to endorse that commitment with their own words and their own actions.
Contact: Molly Horan,  Director of Communications • 312.971.3067

The Association for Global New Thought (AGNT)
is the Founder of all the 4 Seasons.
4 Seasons
September – December
For All Resources: films, books, go to


All Faith Center Labyrinth Walks

February is usually designated as the month of LOVE.
We know the most important LOVE is Love of God.
We also know we need to LOVE ourselves as well.
We cannot give Love to others,  if we do not love ourselves.
February 13th  is now designated as 
Self-Love Day!

We will celebrate Self-Love on our…..
Next Labyrinth Walk
Let’s Play, Let’s Laugh,
Let’s Have Fun
& Enjoy our Dynamic Selves!!!
Walk the Labyrinth and Know Your Power!
Saturday, February 24th

Donations Appreciated
Water available and simple refreshments
You are welcome to bring refreshments
RSVP Abigail at
17762 St. Andrews Dr.
Poway, CA 92064
 Walking the Labyrinth is Walking to the Center of Who You Are.

Everyone is welcome to walk our Labyrinth on their own time and pace.
It is a walking meditation. As we walk, we are open and receptive to Divine Ideas,
our Divine Purpose and Divine Transformation.

A labyrinth is a sacred geometrical symbol with a single path leading to a center point.
It is not a maze because there is only one path.  The walls keep you on the path.
The goal is in the center of the labyrinth.  When you reach it, you have gone half the distance – you now need to turn around and walk back out.
Its unique pattern is designed to shift awareness from left brain to right brain as you walk, inducing altered states of consciousness.
It allows those who enter to experience other ways of “seeing.”  The center point is the place of power.  A labyrinth is a single path or uni-cursal tool for personal,
psychological and spiritual transformation.  Labyrinths are thought to enhance right brain activity.
In a most basic sense, the labyrinth represents the spiritual journey; that of venturing to the center of your innermost being and then returning to the world with a broader sense of who you are.
It is a metaphor for life’s journey.  Inherent within the design of the labyrinth is its archetypical power, dating back some 3,000 to 4,000 years.

Sacred Events

Labyrinth Circle

Burning Bowl and White Stone Ceremonies

Full Moon Walks

LAB at Night 1


Family Center of Labyrinth 1

Other Classes and Events

Medicine Wheel and Drum Circle

Bret and Student

Korean Finger and Hand Healing

Tai Chi


Affiliated New Thought Network


The Mission of ANTN
To foster the growth of unique New Thought communities that encourage the consciousness of service, spiritual growth and integrity.

The Vision of ANTN
To create global transformation and healing through empowering New Thought ministries that encourage creativity, caring community, education, and spiritual support.

SPEAKER SERIES with Rev. Dr. Stephen Albert and Rev. Dr. Abigail Albert

Their presentation will be in two parts:
1. New Thought Day, the History, the Celebration
2. Interfaith Building – The Soul Connection

Wednesday, January 31st
Noon, Pacific Time
Dial (605) 475-4846, and enter access code 143610#



The Affiliated New Thought Network has empowered Spirit-led, vision-driven, independent ministries and metaphysical churches of all sizes since 1992. ANTN represents diverse spiritual communities and unique ministries serving worldwide. ANTN believes Divine Consciousness is the sole authority.



To celebrate the
20th Anniversary of AGNT’s Gandhi King 
Season for Nonviolence,
we invite you to participate in a very special event.
On Sunday afternoon, February 25th, 2018
Several  New Thought Churches in San Diego
are screening  the film/documentary,
“White Like Me,” in their sanctuaries,
followed by a round of interactive dialogue, then a ZOOM in meeting with all the congregations showing the same film.
12:30 -12:45 Minister introduces event and film
12:45 – 1:53 Watch film 1 hr 08 min
2:00 Discussion with group in your venue (we will provide discussion questions and minister can use or moderate at discretion in order to facilitate. We might also suggest small group discussion process if appropriate for number of participants and venue)
2:30 ZOOM begins on large screen
Zoom event features leaders from each screening venue giving viewpoints of their group and engaging in discussion. Groups will be seeing all other participating ministers and groups on the screen.
Centers are:
The Unity Center
Sunday, February 25th
8999 Activity Rd.
San Diego, CA 92126
Seaside Center For Spiritual Living
1613 Lake Dr.
Encinitas, CA 92024
Vision Center for Spiritual Living
Center for Spiritual Living-Bonita
5120 Robinwood Rd. Ste. B13
Bonita, CA 91902


4 Seasons
AGNT – The Association for Global New Thought is the founder and sponsor of
the Seasonal Celebrations throughout the year.
Go to their website at  http://www.agnt.rog/seasonsfor information and programs nationally and globally

Season for Non Violence – January  – April
Season for the Earth – April – June
Season for Humane Service – June- August
Season for Interfaith & Intercultural Understanding – September – December


Rev. Dr. Abigail & Rev. Dr Stephen Albert are members of AGNT


Local and Global Interfaith Events





Poway Interfaith Team
Thursday, February 8
Ner Tamid Synagogue
12348 Casa Avenida
Poway, CA 92064


San Dieguito Interfaith Ministerial Association SDIMA
Monthly Dialogue with
Guest Speaker Dr. Justin de Leon
 Wednesday, February 7
12:00 noon  -1pm
Lunch served – donations accepted
Dr Justin de Leon is a professor with the Ethnic Studies department at UC San Diego, he specialized in Critical Theory and Feminist Theory with a focus on Native American experiences. At UCSD, he teaches courses on cultural worldviews of Indigenous America and global Indigenous thought. His research looks at how Native self-affirmative cultural practices of spirituality and tradition act as a way to achieve stable personhood. De Leon works specifically with the Lakota Sioux of North and South Dakota. Justin is a Rotary World Peace Fellow and his most recent film collaboration, More than A Word, is about the negative use of mascots in American sports.”
Here is a you tube link: 
 Recreating the American dream | Justin de Leon | TEDxDayton
Poway Interfaith Team Meeting

Thursday, February 8th
Visitors Welcomed
Ner Tamid Synagogue
12348 Casa Avenida
Poway, CA 92064
Up the hill off of Pomerado Road

University of San Diego

Revolution of the Heart:
The Counter- Cultural Spirituality of Henri Nouwen
Friday, February 9 and Saturday, February 10
Cost $150
Cost for Students $24
Keynote Speakers:
Sue Mosteller, C. S. J. , John Dear, Robert Ellsberg, Shane Claiborne,
Gabrielle Earnshaw & Joe Abbey-Colborne

The call to freedom and peace resounds as a deep need in our divided culture and violent times. The legacy of Henri J.M. Nouwen, perhaps the most widely read author of Christian spirituality of the later part of the 20th century, offers a unique perspective into developing an embodied spirituality that is capable of responding to today’s divides with a powerfully peaceful heart. Originally from the Netherlands, he spent many years in North America, mostly as an academic teaching courses on spirituality. But it was his time in Latin America, and his exposure to the liberation theology of Gustavo Gutierrez, that transformed him most profoundly. His exposure to the political insecurity and economic disparity of the marginalized communities he encountered pushed his private contemplative experience into one that was rooted in an active and reflective faith. By following his example, this conference aims to offer the world fresh resources by which we can “dip deeply into the well of our own lives” to discern the ongoing liberating movements of God.



Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice
University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA 92110

San Rafael Catholic Church
Lenten Fish Fry Dinners
Every Friday in the Parish Hall from February 16th to March 23rd. 
The Dinners are from 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Kids Entertainment Available
(including balloon art and face painting)
Tickets will be sold in front of the Church at the end of all Masses the weekends of
February 3-4, 10-11, 17-18,
March 3-4 and March 10-11

Tickets will also be sold at the door.

Ticket prices:
Adults – $10 ($12 at the door)
Children (Ages 4 – 17) – $5 Family – $25 ($30 at the door)
“Golden Tickets” are the best deal in town for admission to all 6 Fish Fries:
Adult – $50
Family – $120
17252 Bernardo Center Dr.
San Diego, CA 92128
Community Church of Poway
 Rhapsody Singers
Mixed Adult Group from Escondido
Light Popular and Show Tunes
From the 40’s until present day
Saturday, February 17th 2018
Individual Tickets $5.00 each performance
Children under 7 free
Contact Dee Siltanen for more information 858-775-9171
13501 Community Rd.
Poway, CA 92064
 Franciscan School of Theology
Divine Harmony: 
Seeking Community in a Broken World

Mary Doak, PhD

Wednesday February 21, 
7:00 pm
FST Guadalupe Classroom
For a general Christian (and especially Catholic) audience, this talk explores the implications of belief in the dignity of each person as oriented to and fulfilled in community with others. More specifically…
 What role can and should Christian faith play in healing our polarized nation?
Mary Doak, PhD, is Associate of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of San Diego, where she teaches courses in Christian theology. Dr. Doak’s specializations include liberation and political theologies, theologies of democracy and religious freedom, the goal of human life and history from a Christian perspective, and theologies of the church. Her research focus has been on the political and practical implications of Christian faith, especially in the contemporary context of the United States. Her current research project explores the challenges to discipleship faced by the church in the 21st century. 
For more information, contact Donna Foley at 760-547-1800 Ext, 224 ir 
Franciscan School of Theology Mission San Luis Rey Retreat Center, 
4050 Mission Ave. Oceanside 92057. 
Pax Christi USA and Hands of Peace
The SULTAN and the SAINT
HOPEducation & Pax Christi San Diego Screening
Wednesday, February 21st
Screening will begin promptly at 6:45
A short discussion and light refreshments will follow the film.
Please join us for a community screening of The Sultan and the Saint. A true story of Muslim and Christina peace making. An acclaimed film that has received over 19 awards an been feature on PBS. The story follows two men of faith, one a traveling Christian preacher and the other the ruler of a Muslim Empire. It tells how they mucked a century of war, distrust and insidious propaganda in search for mutual respect and common ground.It is the story of Francis of Assisi and the Sultan of Egypt and their meeting on a bloody battlefield during the period of Christina-Muslim conflict know as the Crusades.
Please RSVP to Sarh Heirendt at

or Christy Bohan at    Call Christy at 760-652-4035
St. James Catholic Church Parish Hall
625 S. Nardo Ave.
Solana Beach, CA 92075
California Western School of Law
An Evening with Sr. Helen Prejean
& Uriah Courtney
February 27
Reception at 5:30pm with
Free Hors d’oeuvres
6:30-8pm Presentations
Concluding   Q&A and book signing 8-8:30pm
You are invited to an intimate evening with Sr. Helen Prejean and Uriah Courtneyexamining the death penalty, hosted by Justin Brooks, Director of the
California Innocence Project.
Sister Helen Prejean has been counseling death row prisoners since the early 1980s.
She is the author of Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States and Death of Innocents: An Eyewitness Account of Wrongful Executions. 
Uriah Courtney spent eight years in prison for a crime he did not commit: a sexual assault that occurred in Lemon Grove. Five years after his arrest, the California Innocence Project began investigating his case. Three years later, the CIP received DNA results confirming Courtney’s innocence. He has been free since May 2013.
This free event is open to the public, but registration is required. Go to:
225 Cedar St.
San Diego, CA 92101

Kids4Community, Bright Futures 5/K
Bright Futures 5/K and 1/K Run
You’re invited to join us!
Sunday, March 25
Kids 1/K Run (under the age of 8) will begin at 8:45am
This family-friendly event benefits Interfaith and will help us continue to feed our local homeless population, provide shelter, self-sufficiency and employment programs to those in need of a hand up, as well as access to transitional and permanent housing options. 
$25 – 14 years and under
$35 General

Come out for a 5K fun run/walk at Embarcadero South Park to enjoy a waterfront course and Downtown San Diego excitement. This family-friendly event will benefit local homeless shelters via Interfaith Community Services. Your participation and fundraising 
will enable Kids 4 Community and Interfaith Community Services to: feed the homeless, provide shelter, provide mentoring opportunities for high risk youth, self sufficiency and employment programs, temporary and permanent housing programs. Did you know that the Bright Futures 5K is the only MAJOR peer-to-peer fundraiser for the ICS Center! Bring your friends and family to make a bigger diffe
rence, as all proceeds will be donated to our local homeless neighbors.
Hosted by local nonprofit, Kids4Community, the Bright Futures 5K will help our low-income and homeless neighbors in San Diego. Proceeds from the event will benefit Interfaith Community Services.
Can’t make the event, but still want to support Interfaith Community Services? 
Donate today to make a difference!
Embarcadero Marina Park South 
200 Marina Park Way, 
San Diego, CA 92101



Community Church of Poway

Martin Luther King Jr. Community Choir,
San Diego
Saturday, April 29th 2018
Individual Tickets $5.00 each performance
Children under 7 free
Contact Dee Siltanen for more information 858-775-9171
13501 Community Rd.
Poway, CA 92064





Charles and Myrtle FilmoreErnest Holmes




1st Sunday in March
A Celebration of New Thought history, timeline, founders  and basic beliefs.
Thought and Feeling Create Life!

The Founder/Creator of  New Thought Day is  Rev. Dr. Stephen Albert. Co- minister of the All Faith Center, member of the Affiliated New Thought Network and a member of the Association for Global New Thought Advisory Board.



6th Annual
March 4th 2018
Celebrate with all the New Thought Churches 
around the world!
Rev. Dr. Steve is the initiator and founder 
of this day and
available to speak at your church/center.
Call 858-487-8885 or 

The special PowerPoint presentation is available at


The 5th Annual NEW THOUGHT DAY was held at
The Unity Center on March 5th!
Dr. Steve and Dr. Abigail presented together the history, principles and beliefs of     New Thought.


The 4th Annual NEW THOUGHT DAY

Sunday, March 6th, 2016
The Alberts almost made it to HAWAII to Celebrate with the Unity Center on Maui.



A funny thing happened on our way to Hawaii!!!
We experienced effects of the flu.  Unfortunately w e had to cancel our vacation and plans to be at the Maui Unity Church.  Our dear friend, and minister who married us,
Rev. Mary Omwake, did the service for us.Thank you Mary. We love you and k  now the whole New Thought Day was wonderful!.                                                                  . Mary OmwakeMary said, “The Holy Spirit Rocked the House…!”

CSL San Diego

Comment from our dear friends Rev. John Poleski and Dr. Connie Cook Core,               “Relax and know you have initiated a world-wide event whose time has come.”

Unity of Melbourne

Hi Steve,
Thank you for your interest. We had a super day on Sunday, New Thought Day.
Rev. Bill Livingston asked me to do the talk at Unity of Melbourne and I used the full set of your Pdf film that Bret, one of their helpers, converted to Power Point. It was very appropriate and well received, however I do admit that I ad-libbed a bit too. As far as I know Bret filmed the entire production so it could well be available. I will have to check on that.
A suggestion was made that we have a semi regular focus on the various New Thought persuasions, to embrace them all in the consciousness of unity and working together.
Possibly building to an even bigger celebration next March New Thought Day.
Let’s keep in touch,
In loving unity




New Thought Day
This day is celebrated around the world in all the Unity, Religious Science and Independent Metaphysical Churches!
We honor our founding fathers, and the great spiritual teachers who searched for truth and meaning in faith and discovered this ancient wisdom and brought it forth today.
We are ONE in, as and of God. We are ONE with and of each other. There is no separation.  All is connected, living and non-living. Our hearts, mind and soul create our lives. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. We give thanks!

Sunday, March 1st 2015
Rev. Dr. Stephen Albert will be the guest speaker at the Alpine Church of Spiritual Living in Alpine, CA. Rev. Gay Beauregard is presently the Senior Minister and Dr. Steve was a former  minister at the church


Steve Albert NTDay 2