We had a fabulous 2nd Annual  NEW THOUGHT DAY Sunday, March 2, 2014!
Rev. Dr. Abigail Albert enjoyed being with the lovely Unity of Carlsbad Community in Carlsbad, CA . It was a wonderful celebration and many people  said they had no idea New Thought had so  many centers, organizations and publications all over the world.   For many it was the first time they realized they were part of a greater global community.  Everyone, especially the newcomers that day,  enjoyed hearing the spiritual principles, mission, vision and core values we all share.  Thank you Rev. Ray Wiggins for your kind invitation to speak with your congregation on New Thought Day.



Abigail & Steve on NTD

   March 3, 2013

New Thought religious centers around the world celebrate their legacy on the first Sunday of March each year with prayer sessions, guest speakers, parties, pot-lucks and overall singing and dancing.   The New Thought faith embraces positive thinking, listening to one’s inner voice, affirmative prayer, meditation, and other ways of realizing the presence of God within.  The branches celebrating together include: The Association for Global New Thought, Unity Worldwide Ministries, Centers for Spiritual Living, Affiliated New Thought Network, Agape International Spiritual Center, Hillside International Truth Center, Center of Truth, Divine Science, and Universal Foundation for Spiritual Living.  New Thought participated at the 2009 Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne, Australia under the banner of ‘Global New Thought’ developed by The Association for Global New Thought. For those NT centers who wish to view and/or participate using the approved PowerPoint, you can download the pdf. of that attachment here:  Click Here  Be sure to save this to your computer before closing. For those NT centers who wish to view or use the approved press article as the basis for a personalized article in their local papers: you can download the Microsoft Word document here:  Click Here  Be sure to save this to your computer before closing. Religion to Spiritual CoverI have added another resource for you to distribute to potential New Thought adherents and for use within any orientation class you might have at your center.  I have combined all the general information from the New Thought Day PowerPoint with the New Thought portions of my book The Interfaith Manual.  I also added a last chapter on how I used New Thought principles to go through and recover from my 2003 stroke.  The final product is a new E-book entitled,  FROM RELIGIOUS TO SPIRITUAL: The New Thought Experience  and can be downloaded at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O2K47XU

New Thought is Now a Recognized World Faith; 

Congratulations New Thought!!!

To find a New Thought center near you, go to the following links and enter your city or zip code: Centers for Spiritual Living –   http://csl.org/index.php/centers-and-services/2012-04-12-15-09-46.html Unity Worldwide Ministries –   http://www.unityworldwideministries.org/find-church Affiliated New Thought Network –   http://www.newthought.org/antn-members.html?ab0b634efc9bc0723f97be52536da199=9d0b869a209cbe8b6cf0b467a1d35018 Agape Int’l. Spiritual Center –   http://www.agapelive.com/ Hillside Int’l. Truth Center –   http://www.hillsidechapel.org/ One Spirit Ministries –   http://1-spirit.net/Default.htm Universal Found. for Better Living –   http://ufbl.org/ Center of Truth –   http://thehomeoftruth.org/ Divine Science Federation Int’l. – http://www.divinesciencefederation.org/ To learn about the many programs New Thought Centers participate in, go to: Association for Global New Thought –  http://www.agnt.org/

LABYRINTH WALK – Open to the Public

The All Faith Center Labyrinth is  open to the community to walk at your leisure.

It is free to everyone, however, if you are so moved,  there is a love donation box located on the table near the comfy chairs and sofa awaiting your contemplation and reflection.  Night time walks are available.  Please call one day in advance so we can light up the labyrinth pathway circuits with our votives.







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Awakened World Seminars



Date to be Determined by YOU!
1:00pm – 4:00pm (if you want)
Light Refreshments (if you want)

Whatever City you live in or organization you belong to, we invite you to organize, attend and participate in creating a new positive consciousness in your family, school, community, city government, business, religious center and life in general.
Seminar Facilitators are Rev. Dr. Abigail and Rev. Dr. Stephen Albert

Hosts = YOU!

Call Us to learn how easy it can be for YOU to make a difference!

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***AWE in San Bernardino, CA***

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn March 23, 2013, The All Faith Center held an Awakened World Experience at the Center for Spiritual Living Inland Empire in San Bernardino, CA. The original format of the Italy conference was created by The Association for Global New Thought which has been adapted by All Faith Center for these seminars.  The summary notes from the groups, which focused on improving the City of San Bernardino, are below. If you were not able to attend that day, perhaps some of the ideas listed by the participants will encourage you to take action in your family, community and/or your city.  If you were in attendance and would like to attend another AWE session and participate in the same or a different domain, our next scheduled sessions will be posted here as the dates are confirmed.

March 23, 2013 Summary Report

I. Reconciling with the Other:

Educate Youth; Reach out to youth through Face book, Have more ‘Town Hall’ meetings at religious centers with government, business, faith groups and residents attending; Include women’s voice in leadership; Non-profit after-school programs; News & Facebook coverage of ‘positive’ events – document progress; Have a ‘Walk for Forgiveness’; Promote common interests; Increase career-based High School classes; More libraries with computers for residents to use to find jobs, etc.; Model Dallas Texas; Do away with ‘Wards’, Partner with diverse public and private programs; Economic re-development of Air Force Base has improved the community; Teach non-violence in the schools; Advocate S.B. Clergy Assoc. reaching out to government, organizations and educators;  Partner with Chamber of Commerce, Police and Salvation Army for services for Panhandlers; Diverse Groups partnering to help refugees, Food pantry created in church for neighborhood; Partner with various groups to do a work project together; Look to other city models such as Dallas, TX. to overcome bankruptcy;  seems to be a disconnect in communication; Need to work and collaborate with news media to report and highlight interfaith, intercultural and partnership events in San Bernardino’ New program ‘LAUCH’ will help newly freed prisoners receive skills and job training.   Resistance: Gangs, undersurface prejudice, uneducated and undereducated people,underfunding   Make a Better Community by Partnering, Collaborating everyone’s resources, Find common ground and work together to begin a Pilot Program to teach non-violence in the schools.  Bankruptcy opens greater possibilities to think out of the box, forced to make new changes. Government must be less self-serving and become more community serving.  Clergy members can help the city solve problems. Use Talk Zones program and AGNT’s Season for Non-Violence program and activities in city.

II. Transforming Society:

Share inspiring local examples of new maps or models for community, leadership and government; Treat all fairly (gender, religions); Bring Religious groups together to dialogue;; Mary’s Kitchen; Educate people about similarities with others not like them; Need more Town Hall, Government/Clergy meetings; need to address issues at the ‘street level;’ Create webinars to bring people together; Citizens should attend City Council meetings; Create workshops to educate young people in the community, Teach young women to have a ‘voice’ in their community,  we need a new model of leadership for women, connect social services with the community, Inland congregations united for change is meeting with our new representative, Gary Miller to discuss immigration; CSL Inland Empire Center is providing free music/guitar lessons for youth, art lessons and Food pantry for the neighborhood; Each citizen must become more aware of local events and participate; Mayor and  clergy are meeting; churches need to communicate with each other and explore new ideas/share ideas, begin interfaith dialogues.

III. Embracing the Earth Family: (total group discussion since we did not have enough people for dialogue in this Domain)

Recycle wherever; Freeway planting getting recycled water; Redlands Country Club uses recycled water; Use water heated in tea-pot for washing dishes; Collect warm-up shower water in bucket & use for plants; Put solar panels everywhere with free grants;

IV. Rediscovering the Sacred:

Spiritual path to oneness is happening; Community, national and global Inter-spirituality emerging; Individual search for spirituality finds authentic relationships with others; Find our oneness with God;  Non-violence to all living things; Everyone including very young children sense discord in upsetting situations; be aware people are watching you; be open and receptive, show calm & love in all situations; Church hop – learn about others; Partner with others for social fun – tell growing-up stories; Share your church building with other congregations and become friends; CSLIE shares with a Baptist and a Hispanic Christian Church. Sacred practice has evolved because people are moving from one tradition to another seeking what resonates and feels true to them, Create ‘interdependence in community – meet needs of others; Loma Linda Dental School is cooperating with Redlands Assistance League; Spirituality in Hospitals with doctors accepting spiritual beliefs of patients; “Love is going to win.”  “God-particle” shows humanities’ oneness; Physicists observe particle and it changes what it does under observation. Scientist call this the ‘observer effect’ -Our beliefs & thoughts create our experience; Surrender to the Divine Evolution of Spirit within you; Relax in mind and body. When the body relaxes even a physical fall will not hurt you.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Awakened World Experience

On January 19, 2013, The All Faith Center held an Awakened World Experience at First Church of Christ Scientist in Poway, CA. The original format of the Italy conference was created by The Association for Global New Thought which has been adapted by All Faith Center for these seminars.  The summary notes from the four groups are below.  If you were not able to attend that day, perhaps some of the ideas listed by the participants will encourage you to take action in your family, community and/or your city.  If you were in attendance and would like to attend another session and participate in the same or a different domain, our next scheduled sessions will be posted here as the dates are confirmed.

January 19, 2013 Summary Report

I. Reconciling with the Other:

Love your neighbor; Don’t pre-judge; We must work together – Golden Rule; Get to know other’s beliefs; Communicate via different medias; Develop community groups to connect people; People want to know – create community linkages; “INCREASE PERSONAL GROWTH”; Know self; Root out personal biases; Approach reconciliation in political disasters as we do with natural disasters; Appreciate other’s differences; Be willing to love unconditionally; Resist political responses; Change/ balance YOU; Stop “it’s all about me!”; Respect everyone; Peace begins with my equanimity; Learn activities to bridge differences – share personal stories; Respect other’s purpose; Seek out opportunities to learn about and honestly help others.

II. Transforming Society:

Use technology, don’t abuse it: KIVA loans/Micro loans; After open & friendly communication, get involved, reach out and educate others, take action; Spread “GOOD” news; Meet with government officials; Use media to present ideas; Expose children to “the city”; Women’s Resource Centers; Delta Pass it on; Box project; Mentor girls; Expose rape violence – get shorter conviction time; Women supporting women; Create harmony with the Masculine; Teach non-violence/peace; “EDUCATE” – we are all the same inside; Honor the family model; Have “NO MEDIA” one hour a day in homes; Set time to contemplate; Honor the Golden Rule; Volunteer for causes to help others learn; “LISTEN.”

III. Embracing the Earth Family:

Sign Kyoto Accord: Cuban Footprint limitation; Teach recycling and environment/ecology in schools; “EDUCATE”; Gather non-used fruits and veggies and give to poor; “RECYCLE”; Plant gardens and more trees; Social media becoming more spiritual; Outlaw plastic bottles; Change laws to help protect environment; Use buckets in shower to collect warm-up water; Drive a hybrid car; Read  Buckminster Fuller’s Critical Path; Use (HE) detergents with less suds; Use Paul Newman products; Grow trees faster; Use organic foods instead of genetically modified foods; Live a more “healthy” lifestyle.

IV. Rediscovering the Sacred:

Respect and empower others; See the divinity in others; Don’t judge others; Look for the sameness; Make it “SAFE” for others to express religious beliefs – see the spirituality; Visit other faith centers; Bridge commonalities with telling stories of who you are; Define your core values and that of your religion or spirituality; Have desire to connect with God-within; God is the center of the hub of a wheel; “LISTEN”; Open your religious centers to other religious groups; Eat a meal together; Mentor a child; 7 Billion paths to spirituality.


Awakened World Conference – Italy 2012

Poway Ministers Dr. Abigail and Dr. Stephen Albert just returned from spending their 10th wedding anniversary in Rome and Florence, Italy where they participated with religious leaders from throughout the world in the Awakened World 2012 Conference.  They were two of 16 facilitators who led dialogue sessions for the 225 global leaders from all faiths and cultures who participated in a 10-day conference geared to building spiritual insights and energies to service the entire planetary community.  The Alberts, who are two of the founders of the Poway Interfaith Team (POINT), intend to use what they have learned in Italy to strengthen POINT and increase the impact of their own All Faith Center which is based in Poway.

Rev. Dr. Stephen said, “We are making a systematic shift in our ministry to exchange sermons for dialogues and to further evolve our community with engaging synthesis so that each faith no longer fears another faith but rather chooses to engage them in friendship and respect.”  Rev. Dr. Abigail continued, “In Rome we spent time with many incredible, world-known and respected individuals who are working to make a difference in their city and country as far as peace-building and “Engaged Spirituality” as it was coined by The Association for Global New Thought which was one of the 3 groups that coordinated the conference.”  The two other conveners of the conference were The International Interreligious Peace Council and The Interreligious Engagement Project.   Rev. Dr. Abigail went on to say, “The Dalai Lama said that today’s technology is giving us a global awareness about who we are as a people on this planet beyond just our immediate family and friends and that this awareness is bringing about an increased caring which is the key to improving the world for everyone.”

The overall goal for the conference was to develop a ‘plan of action’ for the next decade of evolutionary activism.  The Alberts’ plan of action is to share their Italy experience with any faith group which would invite them to present their PowerPoint summary and to eventually acquire a building in which start-up religious centers of any faiths can not only hold their faith’s services and rituals but where they can intermingle and gain understanding and respect for other faiths.  This “All Faith Center” will also provide space for spiritually based groups, an interfaith library and bookstore and a coffee house where interfaith dialogue can occur 7 days a week.  Dr. Steve, who teaches Comparative Religion courses at the University of Phoenix, sees their All Faith Center as becoming a vital link of peace and education for our entire San Diego religion.  He said, “I would hope that we would attract many young people who are the key to creating a safe and healthy social environment in their communities and between other people.

The Alberts can be reached at: 858-487-8885 or by email at allfaithcenter@san.rr.com .  Their website is: www.allfaithcenter.org .

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