God is Where You Are


Dear Friends,
I read this quote on Rev. Pattie Weber’s newsletter and it really plinged a Truth Chord in me!  Imagine,  God the Power of the Universe is right here NOW with me, and with you.
We know God does not play favorites
(much to the woe of people who pray for their sports team to win etc.).
God is right here in the Big Picture and God is right here in the small details.
I feel that truth so often as I am pushed or pulled to accomplish something.  Of course helping Steve plan this major NAIN Conference is a Big thing in my mind and yet every  detailed step of the way we have been guided to do what is needed to be done with wonderful help and support.
Sometimes God, the Universe moves QUICKLY.   This happened when I stood on my balcony saying to the Universe, I would love to have  a labyrinth in my back yard.  Before I knew it, the junk under the balcony was hauled away, the labyrinth area was prepared, the many trips to KRC Rock brought home the right river rocks and then we had our Dedication.  We have been having Labyrinth Walks for 3 1/2 years now.  Time flys.
On another note, we are redecorating our guest room and once I felt the urge to GET IT DONE, the Universe opened up so completely it was like waiting for me to catch up!
The old trundle bed and desk were sold so quickly on Craig’s List I was hardly prepared. Then I needed to repaint the room. After getting the paint at Home Depot, I asked the checkout lady about painters.  She said she would inquire. By the time I got home, a painter was calling and we set a time for him to come over.  Once done, I realized I needed a bed.  With my daughter’s help I was able to order one and a mattress.  The bed frame came a day early so my son, who was visiting, helped Steve put it together. It all seemed to happen so fast! I am so sure the mattress and bedding will also come quickly.
It is as if the Universe is saying GET IT DONE. You will need this bed SOON.
To God there is no big or little, no time limit, just the willingness to say YES to our heart’s desire. What is your heart’s desire saying today?  What is it you feel the need to do, the push to get it done, the pull of something greater than yourself?   From the smallest to the greatest ideas and desires, God is right where you are, with all the power, wisdom and intelligence available within you!
Call out from the deepest part of your soul and spirit. You are heard. You will be answered. Enjoy the journey!,




God Has the Power

Dear Friends,
Who has the power?
In New Thought we often begin our prayers with…
There is only ONE POWER, One Life, One Mind, One Body and that power, life, mind, body is mine now. We acknowledge the Supreme Presence and know our Oneness with It!  Sometimes we forget there really is only ONE POWER.  I am no exception.
I have been ruminating for days about a  person I need to connect with concerning the NAIN Conference.  This person has the connection I need for a special performance happening during the conference.  So far emails and phone calls are not working.  This person just isn’t getting back to me.  We were connecting occasionally a few months ago and now not at all. I keep thinking “passive/aggressive behavior.”  Finally I tried having Steve call and I emailed  a colleague.  Finally in meditation this morning I realized I was giving this person the power to make or break this part of the entertainment.
That clicked firmly in my heart, feelings and emotions and I had  a tremendous sense of peace.  Yes, God is the only Power and God is orchestrating all the details of this conference.  Ideas pop into our heads and we follow through.  True Oneness.
So I surrender this unto God, the One Power knowing the Divine Outcome, however that looks will happen and I am at peace.
Emmet Fox said, “Turn Away From the Problem and Think About God.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson writes: “For it is only the finite that has wrought and suffered; the infinite lies stretched in smiling repose.”
So I am stretching in smiling repose, centered,  trusting, and knowing GOD is the only Power and all I need comes to me with grace, and ease.
Today whatever you have need of, remember to put your faith and trust in the ONE POWER and surrender unto It. 

World Labyrinth Day Magic

A Special Prayer and Gratitude for Sandra Comeau, who was our Labyrinth Mentor and is now walking labyrinths with Spirit

Dear Friends,
We had a wonderful World Labyrinth Day Walk last Saturday!   All came with the wish of a sunny warm day and was pleasantly surprised at the day being mystical and magical as God’s  Dewey Kisses came down upon us at one point during the afternoon.
The sun came out at various times as well. We were blessed with both the light of the sun, and the cleansing of the rain.  Each person who came shared their energy, love and compassion and received exactly what their hearts needed by walking the labyrinth. One lady had been praying to find “Cradle Catholics” who she could connect with.  As we introduced ourselves around the circle, we found many were “roaming/cradle Catholics.”  We were also  happy to have ladies from the  New Thought, Eckankar and Buddhist tradition.   Some had followed many faith paths on their journey in life.  We had a true Interfaith Connection  and felt our ONENESS with each other  as we felt our ONENESS with the global community who were walking labyrinths around the world.

Here are some COMMENTS from some of those who attended:
I am thrilled to meet like-minded women that also happen to be roamin’/cradle Catholics! I’ve been looking for my tribe. Thank you for today, it was lovely, the rain seemed appropriate, cleansing somehow.
I just wanted to thank you Dr. Abigail and Dr. Steve for yesterday, I enjoyed my first labyrinth walk, I am currently thinking of starting on a new spiritual path with Sister LaVerne, I thought about that as I walked and it helped to clarify some issues for me.
But I especially enjoyed the warm and caring fellowship with all that were there, and the calm and peace that was present, and the beautiful prayers and the sharing. What a beautiful day !!!
Thank you, Rev Abigail, and thank you and Rev Steve for facilitating a beautiful celebration of world labyrinth day yesterday. It was very special!
Thank you Abigail and Steve for a wonderful magic World Labyrinth Day. I think there will be much light that comes from today’s circle.  I am still riding the wave of beautiful energy from the labyrinth walk and your sacred space and all the people.
Blessings for your ministry.
Thank you so much for inviting me yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet with some of the Poway Interfaith group and get to know a little about the organization. And the Labyrinth Walk was really a wonderful vehicle to help open the inner connection with divine spirit.


I want to leave
blowing kisses off my fingertips
and using my last breath to say
I have loved it all.
-Anne Silver
(Karen Jandorf Daily Quotes)
Dear Friends,
Do you remember when you blew kisses to your mom and dad, or son and daughter and/or a favorite person?  I don’t see that being done much anymore and yet a sweet, innocent kiss blown from one to another is such a gift of love.
It is simple and sincere.  Remember as the kiss was given and blown to you the eyes of the giver were warm, big, and filled with love.
We know LOVE is  the essence of the universe, it makes the world go round, it is a healer of physical, spiritual and emotional wounds. God is Love and always sending Love to us as gentle kisses in the breeze, gentle kisses in the rain and a gentle pat on the arm from someone who cares.
Take a moment today and blow a loving kiss with loving thoughts and feelings to a special someone. We know this gentle, loving act will be felt by the receiver, even if he or she is not aware.  It is a powerful act when sent to someone who is hurting, or going through turmoil.  A person who appears unkind, unthoughtful or mean also needs love. Deep within people who hurt, is a scared child who desperately needs a act of love and kindness.  The beauty is, you can do this in “secret” knowing you may have been the one to open the heart a little wider in that person.
Blowing Kisses to situations works well too! It could be a loving kiss goodbye to what no longer serves you.  Sending “it” off with love and no regret.
Blowing Kisses to a relationship that has ended. As they say, a time for every season and this person lasted the season and now it is time to say goodbye with love and gratitude.
Blowing Kisses for health and wholeness brings a sweet healing to yourself and to others.
Blow a loving kiss to whomever and what ever you wish, and enjoy the moment.
Be as a child today(they all enter the Kingdom)
and blow out lots of loving kisses.
Who knows you may even receive one back.
Can you feel it?

Communication & Compassion Between Species

Communication, collaboration and compassion are wonderful between humans.  It is also wonderful between species.  Here is a precious story of
trust, listening to one’s heart, finding the solution and helping a precious being of another species.
True Story:
Officer James Givens has served with the Cincinnati Police Department for over 26 years, but has never quite experienced anything like this before.
He was sitting in his patrol car in a parking lot when he got an unexpected visitor.  A goose came up to his car and started pecking on the side of it.
He threw food out for her, thinking that’s what she wanted, but she didn’t
take it.

She continued to peck and quack, then walked away, stopped, and looked back at Officer Givens. Then she came back to his car and pecked at it again.   She made it very obvious that she wanted Officer Givens to follow her, so he finally got out of his car and did just that.

The goose led him 100 yards away to a grassy area near a creek.  Sitting there was one of her babies, tangled up in a balloon string.  The baby was kicking its feet, desperate for help. Being wary of helping the baby on his own, and worried that the goose might attack him, Givens called for help from the SPCA, but no wildlife rescuers were available at the moment.
Luckily, Given’s colleague, Officer Cecilia Charron, came to help.  She began to untangle the baby, and the mother goose just stood there and watched, quacking.  She didn’t become aggressive, and just let Officer Charron do what she had to do to set the baby free. It was like the mother goose knew they were helping.  Once Charron untangled the baby, she put it down and it ran right to her mom, and they went right to swimming in the creek.

Charron teared up and said it was the highlight of her 24 years on the force
“It seems like something made up.  It was just incredible,” Givens said.  “I honestly don’t know why I decided to follow her, but I did.  It makes me wonder – do they know to turn to humans when they need help?”
We may never know the answer to this question, but what we do know is that Officer Givens was in the right place at the right time to help these geese!
Life is precious.
We are better working together.
Written by
Rebecca Speer
Encinitas, CA   92024
Trust, Pay Attention, Help and Support those in need.
All are God’s Creations

Consciousness of Courage

Dear Friends,
I met with some Clergy Women friends for lunch last week. The co-host, Sister LaVern handed out a small prayer booklet written by Sister Joan Chittister.                                    It is called “Prayer for Conscience and Courage.”
It begins with a beautiful prayer about Loving God, giving us the conscience it takes to be brave and courageous to challenge wrong doing and change it whatever the cost to ourselves.  It then goes on to highlight Holy people who had the courage to change consciousness and the world.  Here are four I would like to share with you.
“Holy Daniel and Philip Berrigan
You spent half your lives
in prison to protest the nuclear polices
of the United States
Touch our conscience
as citizens of the globe
and give us the courage
to devote our lives to ending
preparations for war and war itself.
Holy Rosa Parks
Civil rights activist.
You refused to surrender your bus seat
to a white passenger and your arrest
ignited a nationwide effort to end segregation.
Touch our conscience
to trust the power of the individual
and give us the courage
to act without fear.
Holy Mohandas Gandhi
You freed India from English jurisdiction
through nonviolent resistance
and died for the doing of it.
Touch our conscience
on behalf of hard truths
and give us the courage
to pursue them whatever the cost to ourselves.
Saint Mary of Magdala
First evangelist of the Christ.
You were chosen to announce
the Easter message to disbelieving men.
Touch our conscience
on behalf of the full authority of women
and give us the courage
to speak out for equal rights.”
Take a moment and think about your name after the word Holy.
What area in life can you make a difference, have the courage to stand up for the good of all people and all life? What is calling you? What are you passionate about? How will others remember you?
Holy  (your name)
You   _______________________________
Touch our conscience on behalf of _____________________
and give us the courage to
With love and courage to create a beautiful world.

I Can Do That!

Dear  Friends,
     I was reading the April Science of Mind magazine  and loved the article about
 “I Can Do That”. Do you remember when you were a child, or even older, and saw someone do something that made you feel in AWE of the person?  Not only in AWE, but a deep feeling inside that told you, “YOU can do that also!”  The article mentioned author Dan Brown who had that
“I Can Do This” moment while reading books by Sidney Sheldon and Robert Ludlum.  He went on to write, The Da Vinci Code.
I remember attending the Ice Capades in Chicago with my parents as a child and thought that very thought, “I can do that!”  My childhood exuberance was a bit over the top, however my dad started taking me to the outdoor ice rink and I had a blast learning how to skate. What fun and joy it gave me.
I also remember sitting in my third grade classroom listening to my teacher and I thought, I can do this.  I want to be a teacher when I grow up. And so I did!  I taught pre-school and elementary school for 20 years.
I also thought I would be a really good minister’s wife.  Little did I know I would BE a minister, then marry a minister. 🙂
God’s bit of humor!
The “I Can Do That” attitude comes deep within our soul.  It is a feeling, an intuition, a still small voice, that is telling us, pursue what gives you joy, fun and  purpose.   Even if you fall short of a dream, just being on the journey is an adventure and blessed because one road not completed may lead you to another road which you do complete. Any time you admire a quality in another person, the fact that you “recognize it” means there is that special quality within you as well. God may use it in a different way, but it is there!
Many are celebrating the resurrection of Christ Jesus during this Easter season because he showed us the way to live and to love.  He even told us,
“What I Do, YOU Can Do Also, and Even Greater Things.”
There are no limits to our soul’s purpose.  What we came in to do is only ours to do and the doors will open for us when we Trust, have Faith and Surrender to God’s Highest Good for our lives. Mitch Horowitz in the article said:
“All achievement is a marriage of idealism and great execution.
The wanting alone is insufficient – there must be impeccable follow-through. But the journey can begin, and sometimes must begin, with that one spark of inner realization in which you say to yourself: I Can Do That!”
Pay Attention to the moment when your heart  says-
Know you have it in you.
Then do it!!!

Calling God

Today I was reading a small little booklet (probably out
of print) by a most beloved New Thought minister, Dr. Tom Costa.  The title is,
“Excuse Me While I Call God.”
I loved the way Dr. Tom equated prayer with a phone call to God. Not to a God out in the ethers somewhere, but the God that resides within us, always listening, ready and available when we are.  I want to share this beautiful, yet simple way of praying to God as if calling on a phone.
Dr. Tom states in Religious Science there are five steps to Prayer Treatment.
1. The First step is Recognition.
I recognize that there  is a God to call upon. If  I didn’t believe there was a God to call, I would not bother to pick up the receiver.  Whenever we make a phone call, we know there is a “receiver” on the other end.  So we know GOD is the receiver. We recognize GOD is there to call upon.
2. Unification – We Unify, We Connect
Now that I have picked up the receiver, the next step is to dial. This is when I make the connection with God the One Power. I connect, and I unify with the ONE God.
“God’s Switch board is never busy, and yet we might we get a busy signal….
Why?  Not because God isn’t willing to give us the answer. It is due to our fear, our doubt, our lack of conviction and trust.”
3. Realization
“I state the purpose and reason for my call to God.” The channel is open for Good/God in all areas of my life. There is a direct line between me and the Absolute Abundance, Wholeness, Wisdom of God.  Once I realize, acknowledge and affirm this, I accept it and believe in it.
4. Give Thanks
On the call I take the time to appreciate and be grateful for the direct link between God and me.  I know God understands what I want and need. God has heard it from my heart, mind and voice.
5. Say Good bye
When I hang up the phone, I say good bye knowing my prayer is complete.
I don’t keep dialing and asking for the same thing over and over and over.
(Nor would I plant a seed and pull it up over and over and over again. If I did it would never grow).  So I trust my prayer call knowing God has already designed the  Divine Outcome. I Release, Surrender Let Go, and Let God.

This is GOD. I will be handling all your problems today.
I will not need your help, so have a good day!
(author unknown)



God is Love, Sing for Joy

God is speaking, singing, chanting, hollering, whispering to us ALL THE TIME.
Spinoza said,
“All the cosmos is a single substance of which we are a part.
God is not an external manifestation, but everything that is.”
Ernest Holmes said,
“We are thinking, willing, knowing, conscious centers of Life.”
We all came from the BIG BANG, if not before.  YES, God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Ominiscient, which implies a Being almost untouchable.  And we know God is Omniloving and Omniactive. This makes God a bit more touchable.
Out of The ALL, we came.  Therefore the ALL in ALL is ALL of us. How can it be otherwise. We CAN hear God in all as all for we are infinitely connected to ALL in ALL – All people, places, events, animals, nature, the cosmos.  When I start feeling this immense and beautiful relationship I have with God, I know I am of God. I am an unlimited being filled with the Presence, Power, Wisdom, and Love.
I can BE all these things in All my actions with myself, others, animals, nature and the world.
Viewing people from this  place, I see all of us on a God journey affecting everyone and everything. It is this place of wisdom and love, I choose to be.
There is no call for worry or fear.  Only a call for LOVE.  Love is all there is, can, and does heal our world.

Sing, Chant and Dance for JOY


Direct the Flow of Good

I receive a daily affirmation/quote from Karen Jandoff and I want to share what she said today.
“When you act in accordance with your values,
when you show up without guise or guile, 
when you are guided by the dictates of your heart’s compass
what do you care most about?”
I believe everyone has a right to stand up for their beliefs and what they care most     about.  I feel we cannot be complacent in our world today.   We have had amazing role models who changed the world:
Jesus the Christ – “Love God, Love your neighbor as yourself. Love your          enemies.”
Mother Teresa – “I will be FOR something, not against anything.”
Mahatma Gandhi – “Non violence is the way to make changes in the world.”
Reading these sayings from amazing people, I realize the postcard I planned to send to Trump will be what I STAND FOR, not what I am against.
I will create my words positively, letting the love of God and love of Good guide my way.  Taking into account all of the above,
I will:  
*Act in accordance with my values and remain authentic unto myself.
*Choose to love the spirit of God in all people.
*Write what I am FOR on the postcard.
*Send this postcard as a non-violent way to make my thoughts heard.
*Be an activist and resist injustice with love.
We are all here on earth to make a difference. We are all an integral part of the Divine Plan.
What we do and say matters in our own spiritual evolution and how it impacts others.
Ernest Holmes from Living the Science of Mind says:
“Nothing is more definite than mental work. Mental work is not daydreaming or fantastic wishing. It is a deliberate act of the mind, a conscious, moving action of thought in a certain definite direction, and we should think of it from this viewpoint.
The conscious mind chooses what it wishes the subjective Law to act upon. It gives direction to a Power which is Infinite compared to its own conscious capacity.”
If you do plan to send a postcard, remember to choose what you wish and say it. The Power of mind will direct the subjective Law into action!
Directing the Flow with Peace, Love and Blessings,