Connection, Collaboration, Cooperation

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The All Faith Center is deeply committed to opening the hearts and minds of all people with a deeper understanding of all faith traditions, cultures, nationalities and personalities.
When knowledge is shared, awareness and understanding become greater, myths and misconceptions are dissipated, and barriers of fear melt away.
We are then ready for the 3 C’s: Connection, Collaboration and Cooperation!”
We do this by offering transformative Labyrinth Walks, Classes, Workshops,  Interfaith Events and ways to serve God and each other.,

Visioning a Building


All Faith Center Vision

All Faith Center Vision










We are VISIONING a building & grounds called the All Faith Center which will be a role model facility for the community, state, country and world exemplifying peaceful cooperation and respect among religions, cultures, creeds and races.  We see it as a place where faiths will be able to hold their individual worship services as well as create a place where Interfaith Worship can occur.  The Center will be a resource and educational facility offering world religion classes, guest speakers, community workshops, creative arts and cultural events, discussions, panels and dialogues on issues from each faith’s perspective.  All interfaith groups and organizations are welcome to use this space for meetings and events.  We envision an international cafe, library, high tech media center, book store, flower and vegetable gardens, meditation garden to walk around, labyrinth, and playgrounds for children as well as creative arts for children and adults. Wholistic, healing, and spiritual groups are welcome to rent space.

Dialogue Among Faiths


Cultural PerformancesCultural Programs

Interfaith Services

interfaith service in Bradley Hills Presbyterian in Maryland

And more….

Thank you for sharing our Vision and we appreciate your contributions.
Contact Rev. Dr. Abigail Albert and Rev. Dr. Stephen Albert at:                         858-487-8885