Consciousness of Courage

Dear Friends,
I met with some Clergy Women friends for lunch last week. The co-host, Sister LaVern handed out a small prayer booklet written by Sister Joan Chittister.                                    It is called “Prayer for Conscience and Courage.”
It begins with a beautiful prayer about Loving God, giving us the conscience it takes to be brave and courageous to challenge wrong doing and change it whatever the cost to ourselves.  It then goes on to highlight Holy people who had the courage to change consciousness and the world.  Here are four I would like to share with you.
“Holy Daniel and Philip Berrigan
You spent half your lives
in prison to protest the nuclear polices
of the United States
Touch our conscience
as citizens of the globe
and give us the courage
to devote our lives to ending
preparations for war and war itself.
Holy Rosa Parks
Civil rights activist.
You refused to surrender your bus seat
to a white passenger and your arrest
ignited a nationwide effort to end segregation.
Touch our conscience
to trust the power of the individual
and give us the courage
to act without fear.
Holy Mohandas Gandhi
You freed India from English jurisdiction
through nonviolent resistance
and died for the doing of it.
Touch our conscience
on behalf of hard truths
and give us the courage
to pursue them whatever the cost to ourselves.
Saint Mary of Magdala
First evangelist of the Christ.
You were chosen to announce
the Easter message to disbelieving men.
Touch our conscience
on behalf of the full authority of women
and give us the courage
to speak out for equal rights.”
Take a moment and think about your name after the word Holy.
What area in life can you make a difference, have the courage to stand up for the good of all people and all life? What is calling you? What are you passionate about? How will others remember you?
Holy  (your name)
You   _______________________________
Touch our conscience on behalf of _____________________
and give us the courage to
With love and courage to create a beautiful world.

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