Don’t Quit, Keep Going


Dear Friends,
Have you ever felt obstacles, hitches or impediments on your journey towards a dream, goal or even a vacation?
I think we have all had those experiences and just felt like giving up and “going home.’  Last Friday on our way to beautiful Sedona, AZ, Steve and I had those feelings. We were only going to be in Sedona for two days, Saturday and Sunday.  Our trip started out well and then we were inundated by traffic hold ups and road work.  By the time we got to Yuma, we almost decided to come home.  We could either spend another 3-4 hours coming home (due to road work) or spend another 5-6 hours  and actually arrive in Sedona.  Well, needless to say we continued onward!  There was only  one more bit of road work just outside Yuma and then it was clear sailing the rest of the way. We were SO GLAD we continued on our journey.
We had a wonderful time with another two couples staying in a beautiful time share. We took long spectacular hikes among the beautiful red rock hills and water falls, and watched a magnificent  sunset.  We experienced a Crystal Bowl Meditation, walked a lovely labyrinth, and went to a Tlaquepaque festival in downtown Sedona.  Coincidentally we  actually went to the real Tlaquepaque town in Mexico this past summer!  Steve and I also had a wonderful breakfast with our dear minister friend Rev. Dr.Jami Martin.  Such beauty in this sacred place and to think we almost gave up getting there!
Where ever you are on your journey, regardless of obstacles, rough patches or frustrations towards your goal, your dream or even starting off on a vacation, keep going, don/t quit.
You will never know the magnificence waiting for you around the next corner!

Hiking along trails leading to rivers, water falls  and beautiful rock-hills in the background.

red-rock-river Walking a Lovely Labyrinth in SedonalabyrinthRed Rock Hills just before Sunset red-rock-sunsetSunset in Sedona sunset


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