Flow of God Seeks YOU!

RUMI quote 2

Dear Friends,
I love the quote above.  It was shared by Georgette at the Tai Chi Labyrinth Walk we had a couple weeks ago.  The Master Rumi understood the process of Divine Life.   All is meant to bless us and flow to us as we open our hearts and minds to greater good and higher consciousness.
What is it you are wanting in your life? 
Why is this “Want” not happening?
As we come to a place of peace, where we listen intently with our hearts, our God Voice gives us all the information we need.  Sometimes this information comes as intuition saying, what you want will not serve you for your highest and best potential.
Can you surrender to GOD’s Highest & Best in your life? 
Can you really let go and let God. 
When we completely surrender and say,”Thy Will Be Done,” it is only then the blessings pour forth into your life greater than you can imagine.  No longer are you pushing or struggling for yourself or others you love. Universal LIFE, Divine LOVE, Omnipresent GOD is always FOR YOU, not against you. Release your will and allow the Divine Outcome SEEK YOU! You will be joyfully surprised and you will have greater understanding why your will did not manifest.
At our next Labyrinth Walk we will be exploring these ideas.   Save the date: Saturday March 19, 2-4pm.


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