Follow Your Own Path

Emerson Quote on Path
It is September!  Kids are going back to school, and our centers and churches, and temples are beginning new classes. It is that time of year where we quest and thirst for new learning. We take what we have learned from the past and move forward being open and receptive to new knowledge and understanding of who we are, why we are, and where we are going.  We read books, maybe even do the same papers, but eventually we realize we can be creative and not necessarily follow the crowd. We begin to add that something “extra,” a new idea, a new concept, a new way of expression.
The quote above really exemplifies the idea of choosing our own way, our own path.  We have a choice to follow the crowd or to be a trailblazer.  How do you think NEW  inventions became household words and experiences?  Someone stepped off the common way of thinking and had  a NEW IDEA or a new way of looking at an old idea.  It takes courage to step away from the crowd and pursue a calling, a desire, a purpose uniquely your own.  And yet, when you do, it is so rewarding, fulfilling and joyful!  You are Gods Unique, Creative Expression, unlike any other being on earth or elsewhere. Use it, love it, be it.

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