God is Love, Sing for Joy

God is speaking, singing, chanting, hollering, whispering to us ALL THE TIME.
Spinoza said,
“All the cosmos is a single substance of which we are a part.
God is not an external manifestation, but everything that is.”
Ernest Holmes said,
“We are thinking, willing, knowing, conscious centers of Life.”
We all came from the BIG BANG, if not before.  YES, God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Ominiscient, which implies a Being almost untouchable.  And we know God is Omniloving and Omniactive. This makes God a bit more touchable.
Out of The ALL, we came.  Therefore the ALL in ALL is ALL of us. How can it be otherwise. We CAN hear God in all as all for we are infinitely connected to ALL in ALL – All people, places, events, animals, nature, the cosmos.  When I start feeling this immense and beautiful relationship I have with God, I know I am of God. I am an unlimited being filled with the Presence, Power, Wisdom, and Love.
I can BE all these things in All my actions with myself, others, animals, nature and the world.
Viewing people from this  place, I see all of us on a God journey affecting everyone and everything. It is this place of wisdom and love, I choose to be.
There is no call for worry or fear.  Only a call for LOVE.  Love is all there is, can, and does heal our world.

Sing, Chant and Dance for JOY


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