Keep the High Watch

Dear Friends,

Many have heard the term, “Keeping the High Watch.” There are often Religious Science practitioners trained to keep a High Watch by seeing God and the Highest Good in All during a service. They also know God as Divine Good is in each person when praying for them.. Everyone has the ability to SEE the GOOD-GOD in all, through all and as all. We always have a choice, to See the Good, or to see the appearance of not Good.
What you choose to see is what you experience. God is Good on this dimension and in all dimensions.

Keeping the High Watch also means being aware of God’s messages to you to help you stay in the Divine flow of life. What does God’s message look like? It can be a telephone call, a sign you notice on the freeway, a thought, an image in your mind, a bird, a song, just about anything to capture your attention for the moment to listen and be watchful. Practicing the High Watch on a daily basis will prepare you for challenges in the future.

For example, last Sunday I knew I had to go to church. I felt a bit tired after the busy Thanksgiving week, however there was this “urging” to go.
“Urging” was God’s message for me to go. Steve and I went and we had a very meaningful conversation with one of the board members about ANTN and CSL, met a person who had attended the NAIN Conference and had wanted to meet us. I saw an old friend who I had suggested several weeks ago to attend this church. These were three connections I recognized as why I was urged to go to church.

One day I was feeling a bit sad about the loss of a beloved brother in law and a beloved friend all in the same month. The day had been quite dismal. As I had this feeling, all of a sudden the sun broke through the clouds and I felt the rays of God’s loving sun shine on me. I knew both Larry and John were in God’s loving arms and the sadness disappeared.
The SUN was God’s message to me of Divine love everywhere. All is well.

One day last week I decided to go holiday shopping and somehow I just could not bring myself to go. It felt like my feet and whole body were dragging. Now, the “old” me would have barreled through that feeling. The “new” me stopped and reconsidered. If I really feel this way, then it was not time for me to go. So I didn’t. The next day I felt energized and ready to shop. The roads were clear, the stores were practically empty and I got everything I needed in record time.
The physical draginess was my signal from God to NOT leave the house.

I was on my way home with just one more stop at CVS. It just seemed like it was so far out of my way, I decided not to go there. Then a thought and an image appeared in my mind. I “saw” another CVS on my way home. I would not have to go out of my way.
The CVS image was God’s way of saying, here is another option.

How does GOD appear to you? God is appearing and speaking to us all the time.
It is up to us to heed the messages, pay attention to the signals and keep the High Watch!
God Blesses us with Good everyday. Let us accept it!

Peace and Blessings,

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