My Journey, My Story

We  are now well into 2018 and looking forward to our new expectations, intentions and goals manifesting.  We know when our heart and mind agree, there is no stopping us because the Universe says YES.   The Heart is our Love/God Intuition leading the way, and the Law of God, Law of Mind is making the way happen.   A new idea,  a new choice, a new direction is always filled with mixed emotions of excitement and apprehension.  However when it feels right (the heart saying yes,) it is God saying go for it.  Be courageous and take the necessary steps forward to accomplish whatever you have on your New Years list.
Think of it as a story, because it is a story.
It is  your life story! You are the star and main character.  You have a choice to bring in the characters you wish to be a part of your story.  Children love stories and have wonderful and wild imaginations to go with them.  As adults we sometimes have to cultivate that imagination since we live in our left brain a good part of the time.
What if, during your morning meditations/reflections, you created a story about one of your new year’s intentions.   First imagine  the story with all the characters you wish to be a part of this intention. Visualize all the scenarios in your heart and mind.  When you find the story you like best, write it down in a journal.  This solidifies it in your subconscious.  Read it everyday, change it when a better idea comes into your thoughts.  Check in with how your heart/intuition feels about this new idea.
Always end with “This or something better!” God has a  BIGGER PLAN and will always bring you a greater outcome.
We cannot change the past. We create our  future story by the thoughts, actions and ideas we have in the presence.  Keep your Vision alive everyday with your imagination and writing.
I look forward to hearing from you as you journey in and as your story. I can imagine, with God as your partner, your story and intentions will exceed your expectations!
Living and Loving My Story,

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