Say YES to Your Creative Urge

There is a pattern of YOU in the invisible. You are one with, as and of the Creative Genius. You are as much a part of IT as the sun the earth and the air.
“Every man is a doorway through which the Infinite passes into the finite, through which God becomes man, through which the universal becomes the individual.”  -Emerson.
Everyone has the GOD Given potential within.
Our True Identity is God/Spirit. We have come to earth to rediscover and uncover this sense of God Awareness. The Divine Light within YOU, can never be dimmed or desecrated. The Divine Light is WHO YOU ARE and is constantly seeking expression in and through you!
Surrendering to GOD allows God to bring forth your Creative Potential!
5 Steps to Creating!
1. It takes an INTERMISSION to Find a Creative Mission.
Sometimes we just need to STOP what we are doing. Take the time to be quiet, listen to that still small voice, our intuitive spirit, the Indwelling God to hear a new idea, a better way.
2. Honor your Crazy Love.  What is it you love to do?? DO IT!!
Even if it brings you joy for the moment. What you love has energy and propels you into new experiences, insights and abilities.  Your time on earth is valuable and just  a parenthesis in our eternal life.   How are you going to spend the valuable time  you have on earth?
3.  Trade in Your Label for a Ticket to Go Anywhere!!!
Say YES to any desire ( of the Father), hope or divine invitation and/or adventure.There are no limitations in God. Trust God, not man.
Our culture demands definition, but our SOUL CRAVES Expression!
Where you start is not where you may end up.  Enjoy the ride!
4. STOP abusing and start NURTURING yourself
Talk to yourself with loving, kind, compassionate words. Every atom, cell, molecule and organ hears your thoughts and feelings.  Love and Bless your body daily.
“Everything you give this world will come from everything you give yourself.” Tama Kieves
5. Just Start DANCING and the BAND will FIND YOU!!
Step into the unknown. Create a NEW path by doing what YOU Love to do. You are unique. What you love is your Gift to the world!
Your Divine Assignment is Living the Life You Love!
Say YES to Your Creative Urge!!!
Saying YES and Lovin’ IT!

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