The WAY is Clear

March 22,  2016 WORLD WATER DAY
Water is precious. Use it wisely and conservatively.
Every drop counts.


Dear Friends,
On my walk today I was encased by thick fog. I love to look at the hills and valleys and greenery beyond. Today I could not see what I know is there.  The fog reminded me of when I am experiencing unanswered prayer, or very little  clarity on a decision to make, a problem to solve or challenge to overcome. I realize these “experiences” are just the fog in my mind when I have not risen higher in Consciousness to see above and beyond. The Answers are there. When I ask, “Where are you God?” I hear,                   “I AM HERE.”
I know the SUN is always shinning and the fog is temporary.  So I also know God is Always with me, in me, as me, guiding me regardless of my ego fog murking up the Truth of my Being.
As I walked a little farther up a hill, I began to see more of the hills and valleys and the fog began to lift.  When we rise in Consciousness, doesn’t the fog dissipate in mind and a new idea, new answer,  a NEW THOUGHT emerge?  Yes, of course it does.
Whatever you are going through today, it is just a bit of a fog in mind covering up the Truth of God. You are the Beloved Child of God to which All Things have been given.  Surrender your thoughts, will and ideas (fog)and open up to the Divine Will, the Divine Highest and Best (sun shinning) in your life.

Fog sun deer
The Way will be made Clear!

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