We Are Connected

Connection by Oprah

Dear Friends,
I believe it is so important to FIND THE CONNECTION
with everyone you meet. It changes the feeling of being an “acquaintance” to being a new friend.
Discover what you have in common with that person.
Most of the time it is easy with people of your same faith tradition, culture or nationality.  The real discovery comes when you realize you have a lot in common with people of other faith traditions and nationalities. At this time our Muslim brothers and sisters are fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. They pray 5X a day and surrender all activities and daily plans to Allah ( ‘God’ in the Arabic language).  In New Thought we continually share how important it is to “Let Go and Let God” guide us and lead the way.  Our Visioning  practices say,  “What is God’s  highest IDEAL/IDEA for me, for this event, meeting, plan etc.
Not my idea, but God’s idea.
Muslims say, ‘Inshallah’  meaning “God Willing.” Our trust and faith in God’s Way and Will for our life is shared by our Muslim friends.
Do you meditate?  Meditation is common among our Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh friends.
Are you into Contemplative prayer?  This is common among our Catholic and Protestant friends.
Whenever you feel a dis-connect with a person, faith group, culture or nationality, find the CONNECTION, find the commonality.  You will have more friends, fun and bring more peace to yourself as well as humanity.
If you would like to view a video where young adults shared what nationality they thought they were and what nationalities they did not like, the link is below.  Each one took a DNA test and were blown away.  The Englishman who did not like Germans, had German DNA. The young lady who did not like Turkish people found out she was Turkish and found a distant cousin in the room.  This video really  reinforces the fact and KNOWING, we are all connected down to the roots of our being!

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KNOW YOU ARE CONNECTED in some way with EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET.  Send LOVE out to everyone today!  They are your friends and family.

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