World Labyrinth Day

I was out and about today and meeting
many people on all my errands.  Each one I
met greeted me warmly, had a funny story to tell or just  had a kind attitude.  It made me realize again how KIND people really are.
We are ALL wired to be Kind and Good. It is
our true nature, our Spiritual essence.  We come from God, from Good, from Love, From Kindness.  That is who we are.
It is lovely to be reminded of the Truth of our being.
Come celebrate that Truth with others at our home this Saturday May 6th on
This World Labyrinth Day Walk is being celebrated in at least 200 countries where people  will be walking, and connecting energetically, emotionally, and spiritually with everyone around the world. Labyrinth walkers will walk  as ONE at 1:00pm in their time zones. It will be as a wave of healing love, goodness, peace, beauty kindness and connection circling the globe.
Walking a labyrinth is walking a sacred path to the center of your soul. You are connecting with your God Self, Higher Power, Divine Wisdom, however you wish to call Universal Intelligence  It is here where  you may receive guidance, grace,  a feeling of gratitude, new ideas, healing, cleansing, change of direction, and whatever lesson you need to learn and/or action you need to take.  It is a spiritual journey and a powerful tool for personal transformation.
Come walk with us this Saturday. Be part of the Global Community
and make a tremendous difference by raising the consciousness of goodness and kindness around the world.  It will be as if we are holding hands with people of all faiths, cultures  and countries.
We will feel our Oneness, our Sparks of Divinity
in the One Family of God.



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